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Is a fox dangerous?

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Usually they avoid people but the fact is they are a wild animal and have the ability to deliver a very severe and painful bite if cornered.

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How dangerous is the Arctic fox?

Not as dangerous as a Polar Bear.

Is the Arctic fox dangerous?

The Arctic fox poses no danger to humans.

Is a fox dangerous if she has babies?


Is the red fox dangerous?

The red fox does not attack humans, but I have heard it is a carrier of rabies. Do not let a wild fox bite you.

Is the swift fox dangerous?

The swift fox poses no danger to humans unless infected with rabies.

Is a red fox with babies dangerous?

yes they are dangerus

Are Arctic foxes dangerous?

yes the arctic fox is dangerous it will probably bite you and scratch you pretty badly

What was hunting like in the 1800s?

Fox hunting was terribly dangerous

Is a baby Arctic fox dangerous to raise?

yes if there out of the own enviroment.

How dangerous is the fennec fox?

Fennec foxes pose no danger to humans.

What kind of animals are dangerous to the Tasmanian devil?

The only animal dangerous to the Tasmanian devil is the fox. A recently introduced species in Tasmania, the fox is a danger to Tasmanian devil joeys, and it is also a competitor with adults for food.

Is the fox dangerous to humans?

Foxes can transmit rabies. Also bites are unpleasant.

Why is the feral fox dangerous?

Most Fox are not really use to humans. They tend to be afraid of us. Animals show fear and confusion by using aggression.

Are fox dangerous with children?

Potentially. Nomally, a fox will not attack unless it feels threatened. However, foxes are one of the more common carriers of rabies.

What is the top predator in Virginia?

Black bears and the gray fox are dangerous predators in Virgina.

What are some idioms in The Most Dangerous Game?

I have played the fox. I have lived a year in a minute

Is the fennec fox dangerous?

The Fennec Fox can be dangerous during breeding season, but usually can be quite sane - many people have them as pets!

What are the most dangerous animals that live in the tundra?

arctic wolf and arctic fox

Is a fox dangerous to your pets?

Potnetially, yes. Foxes are one of the more common carriers of rabies. In the absence of rabies, a fox may still prey on smaller pets.

What should Neville longbottom's patronus be?

It would have to be something timid but can be dangerous at times. A bear maybe? Or a fox?

Is the bat eared fox deadly?

Yes, they are deadly to small animals such as rodents, rabbits, etc.

Are kit foxes dangerous?

Yes kit foxes are dangerous. Foxes are wild animals. Although they generally avoid people, when people get too close to them, foxes usually have a nasty temperament. People become tempted to approach kit foxes because they look cute and find out the hard way that they were dangerous.

What does it mean if you dream about getting bit by a fox?

The fox represents something or someone in your real life that you find cute, clever and attractive, but failed to recognize as also dangerous. The dream is telling you to be more careful before getting too close.

Who are the Arctic fox's relatives?

The Arctic fox is a true fox from the genus vulpes and related to:Bengal foxBlanford's foxCape foxCorsac foxFennec foxKit foxPale foxRüppell's foxRed foxSwift foxTibetan sand fox

Who are relatives of the Red fox?

Species from the genus vulpes - related to the red fox.Arctic foxBengal foxBlanford's foxCape foxCorsac foxFennec foxKit foxPale foxRüppell's foxSwift foxTibetan sand fox

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