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I don't know. I go for a blood test the day after tomorrow and will know then. I've been having a "funny feeling" too, it's a heaviness and mild twinges... kind of like mild menstrual cramps. I'm almost 2 weeks late and am not sure, I've had 2 negative tests, but I may have taken them too early. My only other symptom is some mild nausea that can be ignored and some mild breast discharge. I'll post once my blood test comes back and let you know if my "funny feeling" was a little one just wanting to make room!

Answeryou sound like me to a tee.PLEASE let me know when your test comes back, i too had to neg HPT but i may only be two weeks so it may be too early to tell AnswerDid either of you find you were pregnant? I too am having the same symptoms... tight feeling in stomach, like I have been doing situps, and bloated as anything. Like butterflies in my tummy!

I have had a two negative results and one very very very faint positive (which might have been an evap line). My period isn't evem due until next week - but I just feel SO odd!!!

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 00:34:14
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Q: Is a funny feeling in the abdomen an early symptom of pregnancy?
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