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Liking penises, guys or sex does not make one a slut. It is how the girl feels about herself that makes her a slut. Actually, for many psychological reasons, frequently girls to who the word slut may be commonly applied, really don't like penises, sex or men at all! It's one of those complex and confusing things, but relates to slut like behaviors are "self destructive"....and people doing destructive things to themselves rarely do so because they actually like it. Did you know a guy can be deemed a slut too? It's a disgusting word and one no woman should have to hear. If men can like breasts, butts or legs, then what's wrong with a woman liking a penis. After all, it's part of the human anatomy and one that gives a woman pleasure.

2008-11-03 01:15:28
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What if a girl toches your penis?

then she is ether a slut or she likes you

I like a guy but he likes a slut What should I do?

if he trusts you, tell him what you think about the girl he likes. if he doesnt stop liking her then, try asking him WHY he likes her. it might get him thinking...

How do you win your ex boyfriend back when he likes another girl that likes him that's a slut?

Start talking to him more...try flirting but not to much. See if he hits you up sometime. Show him what he lost.

What actors and actresses appeared in Slut - 1999?

The cast of Slut - 1999 includes: Jeff Hanlan as Guy In Elevator Lisa Trusty as Young Girl

What do you do if your friend likes this guy but you like him too and he likes you but you don't want to be a slut and a jerk to your friend?

all's fair in love and war, sounds like both.....

Would you be a 'slut' if you are 14 years old and like it when a boy or even another girl slaps me on the behind?

No, people do it all the time. Look at the guys on the football field or something like that. they do it. who cares. every1 knows there not gay. why would the same thing make u a slut? if you think your a slut, than you are...

What is the Irish Gaelic word for slut?

ceamach: ragged person, slut, slatterndrabóg (draoibeog): slut; mud-bespattered personsraoilleog: slattern, slutsraoill: slut, slattern, sloven (anglicized as 'streel')leadhbóg óinsí: slut, slatterntoice: slut, hussy, wench (also toiceachán)stiúsaí: slut, hussybean choiteann: slut, prostitute

Is Vanessa Hudgens cool?

~No way!!~ :( this girl is so mean. do not trust her. she is a fugly slut!

If a girl says hi to you and sit next to you on the bus everyday does she like you?

if shes a slut xD

What does the word 'SLUT' mean?

A slut is a woman who is "easy" or who sleeps with many different partners.

This girl keeps spreading her legs and exposes her underwear when you are around She also ruffles your hair does she like you?

Two choices. 1. She likes you and the only way she knows how to show it is by acting like a complete slut. 2. She's a complete slut and it doesn't mean anything. You know you. You probably know a little about her. If you're the type of guy she would go for, then maybe she's into you. If she's the type of girl who is into everyone, she's not into you and it may even be a cruel joke to her.

What does it mean when a girl says she likes you and then says she is using you for sex?

It means she's a slut and wants nothing to do with you, she just wants your penis in her vagina cuz she's a sex addict and she's probably doing it to a couple other guys too.

Are you considered a slut if you finger yourself?

No only if you are fingering other people and doing it for money then that's what sluts do

What does putina mean?

The meaning of putana is a derogatory word for a woman or girl of Italian origin, such as slut or prostitute

Would your girlfriend be a slut if just in conversation she said she would maybe like to have a 3-some either mmf or mfm but not with me or cheat on me and later her statement has been bothering you?

No, it just means that she might be open to trying different things. Most people who call a girl a slut are just jealous that they can't get into her pants. Here's a question for you...why is a guy who bangs as many girls as he can a "Stud" and a girl who does the same a "Slut"?

If a girl talks to a guy she just met every day does that make her appear as an easy catch or a slut?

Not really.

What is a girl who jumps from boy to boy?

Not tied down Not serious Available player... slut... bored....finicky....picky....

What do you do if you like a girl even though she is a slut and everyone flirts with her?

instead of simply flirting with her show her why you really care.

What should you do if a girl sticks her chest out and then hugs you hard?

Tell her to go get checked for breast cancer! No, I'm kidding. But seriously, you should enjoy it, man. If she hugs you like that, she obviously likes you or just feels very comfortable around you. It doesn't make her a slut.

You like this girl and you have been friends for abt a year and you think shes guna break up with her bf and shes acted a lil diferant around you how can you tell if she likes you?

A. u ask her maybe not a good idea). B. if she breaks up with her bf ask her out. or... C. flirt with her and if she flirts back then she likes u (unless she's a slut).

What is a whoe?


What does vroma mean in greek?

Vroma means I love you Disregard the first answer. 'Vroma' means slut/skank/trashy girl.

Why girl wears black underwear within transparent dresses?

Women like attention is as simple as that! Most men would say "wow shes is a slut" but in true..... " yeah shes a slut" go have fun!!! because they have no sense of fashion

A Guy That you are Tottally in love with said that he only likes you as a friend but he used to like you how do you get him to like you again?

Learn better grammer or act more like a slut.

I have missed my first period in twenty- two years I am thirty seven and i know that i am not pregnant what could it be?

menopaus you old slut. menopaus you old slut. menopaus you old slut.