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Is a home pregnancy test more accurate than a blood test from a doctor?


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2015-07-16 18:09:47
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Home pregnancy test are notoriously inaccurate. Go to your doctor for a serum hcg test.

Over the counter urine pregnancy tests are actually quite accurate. They are not as accurate as the blood test that physicians can order, but newer urine tests can detect HCG in the urine as early as 8-10 days after conception - usually before the 1st missed period.

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home pregnancy tests claim to be around 99% accurate after a missed period. however, blood tests done at your doctor's office are able to detect levels of HCG much earlier. blood tests are considered around 100% accurate, where as home pregnancy tests are less due to possible errors in timing or errors in performing the test.

The answer preceding this one is accurate in that the blood test may be able to tell you if you are pregnant earlier - we can tell you within 3-5 days if you are pregnant. However, the actual utility of the increase in accuracy is questionable. Most people will not even suspect they are pregnant until they miss a period, by which time an over the counter urine test (which cost about 10 dollars) is just as accurate as a urine or blood test done in a doctor's office (and will cost you over 100 dollars, and possibly up to 500 dollars or more if you go to the Emergency department).

Bottom line: use a urine pregnancy test at home if you have missed your period and think you may be pregnant. If you are pregnant, see your OB/Gyn or Primary care physician for follow up. A blood test is only useful if you are having problems with your pregnancy to help us work out what may be going on.


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Yes a home pregnancy test will be accurate usually. But a blood test is the most accurate way of determing pregnancy.

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Yes A blood test will likely be more accurate. if you are unsure about a pregnancy see your doctor or a walk in clinic.

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Yes. The home tests aren't accurate and only the blood test is the accurate one.

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