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It's hard to address this question definitively-but we're certainly going to try.
Merriam-Webster defines a sandwich as "two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between." A hot dog certainly fits every part of that description.
However, dictionaries are designed to describe how we use the English language, but they don't necessarily tell us how to use words. That's why dictionaries change every year. To truly determine whether a hot dog is a sandwich, we should look to another source.
The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC), a trade organization formed by the American Meat Institute, says that hot dogs are officially their "own thing," and they're not to be confused with sandwiches under any circumstances.
Their reasoning: The words "hot dog" aren't used the same way as the word "sandwich."

"If you were watching a great athlete showing off during a game, you don't call him a sandwich," the NHDSC's website notes. "Imagine being at the ballpark with the organ playing, the crowd cheering and a vendor walking through the stands saying 'Sandwich, get your sandwich here!'"
Granted, the NHDSC is biased-if hot dogs were classified as sandwiches, the organization would probably have to add a few more letters to its sizable acronym. Still, they make a good point: People don't really think of hot dogs as sandwiches.
Food blog The Takeout interviewed 34 actors, musicians, athletes, radio personalities, and journalists, and the vast majority (55.9 percent) said that hot dogs definitely aren't sandwiches. Only 26.5 percent said that hot dogs definitely are sandwiches (the rest fell somewhere in the middle, and one voter abstained from answering the question).
A larger survey from Public Policy Polling found that 34 percent of American voters believe that a hot dog is a sandwich, while 51 percent say it is not. The poll (released just in time for April Fool's Day, 2016) noted that Republicans and Democrats didn't differ notably in their responses.
So, there you have it; a hot dog is not a sandwich. Unless, of course, you want to make the case that it is-you can use the English language any way you'd like, as long as you're making sense.

A hotdog is more like a meal. ...The history of the hotdog began in 1500 B.C. in Babylonia ; while the history of the sandwich began in 1760A.D. in England by John Montagu (fourth earl of Sanwich, and British first lord of the Admiralty for the duration of the American Revolution).
If you define 'sandwich' as being a filling between two slices of bread, then yes, it is.
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What is a hot dog?

A hot dog is a sausage usually made from low quality meat. It isn't usually that flavorful, and is usually eaten in a bun with toppings like ketchup, mustard, and relish. dog that is hot

Do dogs eat hot dogs?

They could if you want them to! Dogs are carnivores and enjoyany type of meat. I have found that sausages of all types areconsidered a special treat. Most dogs will happily eat the breadroll too, though I don't think I'd give them mustard.

What are in hot dogs?

there is a beef or pork sousage, witha weat bun and condmets such as mustard ketchup manose. It's spelt mayonnaise.

What is in a hot dog?

- Basically made from Pig Meat, or for other words Pork.. Mixed with crushed Pig Kidney, and Pig Liver. Also mixed with some saturated condensed spices.. (Source:

Can dogs eat hot dogs?

Yes, dogs can eat hot dogs - my parent's two large breed dogs love them, so my parents use hot dogs to hide pills in. Hot dogs are made from beef, pork, chicken and turkey, so it's just another meat product to them. However, you should limit the number of hot dogs you feed to your dog, as they are r ( Full Answer )

Where is the hot dog from?

Believe me, you really don't want to know. Just enjoy it! Actually if you do want to know sometimes people dont use some exra parts of the animal for a example a pig if they dont use some oragns or whatever of theres they'll put it in the hotdogs sometimes even they'll use there testicals (balls ( Full Answer )

Are hot dogs really dogs?

No it is pork, and/or beef meat. The name probably comes from ajoke about the shape of a dachshund, 'sausage dog'. Both sausagesand dachshunds are associated with German immigrants to the USA.

What is in hot dogs?

Chicken, pork...not dogs!! Not that possible!!Who would want to eat dogs!. hot dogs have horse meat and tuna in them. They can poison you and they can kill you in a second.

Can you feed a dog hot dogs?

Not a good idea, if the dog gets sick, you will no doubt end up going to the vet. it can also get constipated.

How many dogs are in a hot dog?

There are no dogs in hot dogs. Hot dogs can be made from beef, pork, chicken or turkey. The term 'hot dog' is a style of preparation that encases the meat mixture within a thin, edible shell.

Are hot dogs made out of dogs?

No. "Hot dogs", are sausages made from finely-ground meatsincluding beef, pork, chicken, and turkey. Not dogs of any kind. The name "hot dog" dates from the 1890's and may be a reference toa dog's tail. The name "frankfurter" is from the German city ofFrankfurt, while "weiner" is from the Austrian ( Full Answer )

Why is a hot dog named a hot dog?

It's quit simple actually. The "hot" part came from it being served hot. The "dog" part came from it's resemblance to a Dachshund those long skinny dogs like the one in Toy Story. Which put together makes hot dog!

Are hot dogs real dog?

No, what it is ,is the left over meats from the bucher shops or the fat from the animal mixed together and carved in a suasage form to look pleasing.

What do hot dogs have in them?


Are hot dogs bad for dogs?

Not particularly. Dogs can eat meat and veg. Hot dogs (depending onwhere you get them) can be pork, beef, pork and beef, or evenpoultry (the cheap ones), all of which are nourishing for anynormal dog. But don't feed only hot dogs to your dog! Andnot too many - salt is bad for dogs and hot dogs usu ( Full Answer )

What is is a hot dog?

A hotdog is either a beef or pork meat (or turkey, chicken or tofu) with a bread bun around it, (usually bad for your health but tastes pretty darn good) An aside: Hotdogs are made from mechanically deboned meat, just like baby food. This charming process takes all the animal bits that don't ( Full Answer )

Can a dog have sandwiches?

Okay. Good question. Most table food is OK for a dog, I'm not saying it's good for them, but they will be okay. Some is not good though. But okay, for sandwiches. It depends on what is on it. If you have PB&J, it is fine. Meat, it is a little fat, over all, dogs can have sandwiches, just not too man ( Full Answer )

Are hot dogs safe for dogs?

well if you want your dog to eat dog food you probably should do just give the dog dog food because if a dog is fed people food all the time then it will eat that food and dog food can give the dog will good health items that it needs because it was made for dogs,and people was made for people and g ( Full Answer )

Will dogs get sick from hot dogs?

Most hot dogs don't contain anything harmful to dogs... however, they are not nutritionally balanced for a dog. A lot of the foods humans eat are, to put it mildly, trash. We have a very artificial diet, and animals often have trouble eating foods made for us. The short answer is; "In small amount ( Full Answer )

How does a hot dog cart cook hot dogs?

Almost all hot dogs are fully cooked before being sold. A hot dog cart doesn't cook the hot dogs, it only keeps them warm so they'll be at their optimal temperature (one hopes) when served.

Are dogs hot dogs?

Dogs are not hot dogs even though dogs is in the word hot dogs so dogs r not hot dogs

Is red hot a name for a hot dog?

Absolutely YES it is Get yer RED HOTS now, catch em' while their fresh...never heard this at a baseball game? Sure you have...One brand with that name is from Schneider Meats. There are also many Hot dog stands, especially in Chicago where they are called Red Hots. One of the most famous stand ( Full Answer )

Are hot dogs a sandwich?

A hot dog in a bun or wrapped in a slice of bread could be considered a type of sandwich. Yes, one could consider a hotdog in a bun or wrapped in a piece of bread a sandwich.

Is hot dog made out of a dogs winner?

Well, I wouldn't say "winner." Use a more sophisticated term, such as,"penis." Yes, they are made out of a dog's penis. It's illegal to publicly buy or sell dog meat in the U.S. and NO, hot dogs are not made from dog wieners ... just Google it.

What is a hot open faced sandwich?

Open-faced hot sandwiches are made by placing buttered or unbuttered bread on a serving plate,covering it with hot meat or other filling,and topping with a sauce, gravy, cheese, or other topping. Some versions are browned under the broiler before serving.This type of sandwich is eaten with a knife a ( Full Answer )

Can dogs eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

Due to the high sugar content, jelly is not the best thing for a dog. Also, keep in mind that grape is a common jelly flavor, and grapes are highly toxic to dogs. However, a bit of peanut butter as an occasional treat is okay.

What is a hot sandwich?

Any type of sandwich that has hot ingredients in it or that is heated after it is put together, for example, like a meatball sub or a panini.

What does the hot dog sandwich contains?

You can eat a hot dog on a bun plain, or add toppings. Some toppings that are popular are chili sauce, shredded cheese, diced onion, pickle relish (sweet or dill), mustard, ketchup, or a sauerkraut-mustard sauce.

Can you give your dog a hot dog?

it depends on whether your dog's stomach could take it or not because some breeds have weak stomachs. if you're desperate to feed your dog a hot dog, check with a vet first.

Is hot dog made of dog meat?

The ones you buy in stores are made of pork or beef, but theoretically you could make one out of any meat...but don't make one out of your dog, that's disgusting.

Can feeding a dog hot dogs be harmful?

Not when given in moderation. It depends what how much you give itthough and the brand. Feeding a dog a hot dog now and then would not hurt them, but theyshould not be fed to dogs all the time. Mainly because of theseasonings and the sodium content. Some of the seasonings may beharmful for dogs such ( Full Answer )

How are hot dogs hot?

They're cooked either on a grill or boiled. Therefore, they are hot. Grills are hot and boiling water is hot so, when you put things in/on them that thing gets hot. Why would you ever put that in this category? I mean really. Come on.

Can a hot dog be roasted with hot lava?

Potentially, if it is held above the surface. Direct contact wouldsimply burn the hot dog. This would be dangerous, however.

How hot can a hot dog solar cooker get?

Well technically it can't get a certain temperature. It really justdepends on the temperature the sun produces. The sun can varytemperatures so whatever the temperature of the sun is times 4 ishow hot the solar hot dog cooker is going to get.

Can hot dogs twist a dogs intestines?

I don't think so. You might want to break it into pieces before you give it to your dog (if you DID give it to them and it wasn't just stolen from you), but if you give it to them whole they'll probably just bite it into pieces themselves. If the dog stole it from you, and it was cooked, fried, boi ( Full Answer )

Why does hot dog have the word dog in it?

It stems from a 19th Century suspicion that sausages had dog meat in them, which was sometimes true. A little later is became known as an exclamation of approval, consumers liked the product.

What actors and actresses appeared in Hot Hero Sandwich - 1979?

The cast of Hot Hero Sandwich - 1979 includes: Vicky Dawson Denny Dillon Frankie Faison Robert Guillaume as himself Michael Longfield Saundra McClain as Cast Saundra McClain as Cast (1979-1980) Matt McCoy Richard Pryor as himself Coretta Scott King as herself

What is a hot open face sandwich?

instead of the 2 slices of bread on top of each other they are left side by side, with a topping of meat or chicken, or any other meaty product and then gravy or some sort of sauce poured over it.

What are hot dogs?

Hot dogs are an American fast food consisting of a long bun with asausage in it. The sausage is usually of the type called a wieneror frankfurter, although bratwurst-type sausages can also be used.Condiments used on hot dogs include tomato ketchup, very mild andvery yellow mustard, very sweet and ve ( Full Answer )

What is a regular hot sandwich?

Try a hot open faced turkey or roast beef sandwich, or a meatballwith marinara sandwich, or any toasted sandwich from subway !