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Yes, it is

Yes, it is better to accept the contract so that you have the legal document on your part.

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What is the difference between an addendum and variation to a contract document?

The diffrence between addendum and variation in construction contracts .

What is DA term of payment?

DA is the abbreviation of Document againts Acceptance.

What is in a construction document?

I believe it is a document that allows you to do full scale construction on a building instead of just the usual fix ups. I don't believe you need a lawyer present.

What is tender document?

tender document is a document submitted by a contractor bidding for a construction project.some components of the document include,Bill of Quantity,Company's Profile,Working Drawing etc.

What is commencement of construction?

Commencement of construction could also be called a "Notice to Proceed", which is an official construction document permitting a company to begin work on a construction project. Most often, the date on this document is the date at which the clock starts for the finish of the project. Most construction schedules are set to begin from the signing of this document and the first activities are based upon having this in hand. Disagree. A notice to proceed in your hand does not determine that anything other than that has occurred. Intentions to proceed do not rise to the level of actual construction. A document in hand does not permit a reasonable person to conclude any construction has occurred. Commencement of construction implies the physical nature of construction as differs from the many planning stages of construction. Commencement of construction would begin from the point of excavation, having a building permit in hand, and continuing on a daily or regular basis until completion. PLANNING IS NOT THE SAME AS CONSTRUCTING.

How old do you have to be to sign a legal document in Australia?

Eighteen is the legal age to sign contracts in Australia.Eighteen is the legal age to sign contracts in Australia.Eighteen is the legal age to sign contracts in Australia.Eighteen is the legal age to sign contracts in Australia.

Is a Letter of Intent a contractually binding document in construction industry?

not really

What is the technology that is used to document weather conditions worldwide?


How do you spell constiotion?

The correct spelling is constitution (construction, physical health, government document).The capitalized Constitution refers to the US document written in 1787.

Which contract takes precedence if two contracts have different dates?

The latest date, as you are effectively agree to changes to the original document

Where can I find construction documents?

You can find construction documents at the local library by asking your librarian, politely I might add, for some assistance and they will find a book or document to help you out.

Why is the constitution called a living document?

it is flexible and can be changed to meet new conditions.

What are some standard construction practices?

Some standard construction practices are included at You can also find it at -

Is an email a valid form of acceptance in contract law?

No. Anyone could have sent the e-mail. It is best to have the document signed and notarized or witnessed.

Is the constitution a enduring document?

The Constitution is an enduring document. It was designed so that it could be changed with time and changing conditions. It will be applicable at any point in the future.

What if your father didn't know what he was signing and it was a land title?

It depends on the jurisdiction and what legal conditions are set for land title contracts. Consent may be vitiated by surround events such as misrepresentation of the document being signed, duress, unconscionable conduct, etc. In any case a legal practitioner should be consulted.

Why is it important to consider the conditions under which an observation is made?

Because your observation may not be representative of the subject in other conditions. In other words if you observe the behavior of a substance below freezing, you cannot document that behavior unless you also document the conditions under which you observed it. Its behavior may be different above freezing.

What is a written legal document that defines ownership and operating procedures and conditions for a corporation?

The articles of incorporation defines ownership and operating procedures and conditions for a corporation

How do you PDF your business contracts?

Best way to securely transfer contracts and ensure authenticity is to use a document tracking system. Customers can digitally sign and return the PDF contract in one spot. Popular with realestate agents, lawyers, healthcare, etc.

How old do you have be to sign a legal document in Tennessee?

Anyone can sign a document no matter what age. But only people who have reached the age of 18 can validly enter into contracts. If someone under 18 signs a legal document (say taking out a loan) then that person can use the fact that they were not an adult when they signed the document as a defense to any lawsuit by the person who is trying to enforce the agreement.

What is the name of the document specifying conditions to cuba when it was preparing a new Constitution for their country?

Platt amendment

Is a bill of sale a legal document?

Yes, it is a legal document when signed by both parties. It is the terms and conditions of the sale transaction, as well as the delivery and the delivery date on items.

What does a draugtsmen do?

draught means draw and a draughtsman is someone who draws can be used in the context of any technical document such as an engineering drawing, statute, legal contracts etc

Is a letter of acceptance to a job a legally binding document?

I'm not sure who wrote the letter of acceptance - the employer or the employee. Either way, I would not be asking such an important question (if it actually concerns you) on a site such as this. How do you know that the answers you get are correct? You need to ask a lawyer who specialises in employment law.

What document started that men are bron and remain free and equal in rights?

The Virginia Declaration of Rights was probably the first; however, it received more widespread acceptance in the Declaration of Independence.