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Is a license required to tattoo in New York state?

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Yes, if you plan to tattoo as a business. You can get all information from the local health dept. no it is not required if you are tattooing in New York

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Do you need to have a license to drive a car in new york state?

Yes, a license to drive a car in New York IS required.

How many license plates are required in New York State?


Is a license required to remove tattoos in New York state?


What license do you need to perform laser tattoo removal in new york state?

do u need license for doing laser hair removal

Do you need a license to be an interior designers?

Interior Designers in New York State are required to be licensed.

How many license plates were required in new york state in 1965?

1 or 2

Can you get a tattoo at 15 in new York state?


What is the age to get a tattoo New York state?


Can a felon get a tattoo license in new york?

yea...i dont see y not...the guy who did my 1st tattoo was locked up for 10 years and started tattoo while he was in jail

What is a New York State operators license?

A NY State Operator's license is a Class C license for hoisting machinery.

What is DL State?

Drivers License State

What are the prerequisites to receive a license as a handyman in New York?

New York State does not license "handymen." The state may require a business license if you are conducting a business, and you may need a plumbing license or electrician's license if you will do plumbing or electrical work.

Where are new york state license plates made?

new york

Where can you renew your New York state security guard license?

You may contact the New York State Department of State Division of Licensing Services directly about renewing your license. You should receive the application form for renewal approxamately 90 days before expiration of your two year license. Once you receive the form, fill it out and enclose the two required 8 Hour Annual In-Service Course Training certificates (one for each year of your license), and send it in with the required renewal fee.

Is New York license plate on the top or bottom?

For license plates in the state of New York, the top of the plate reads "New York". The bottom of the plate reads, "The Empire State".

What is the legal age to get a tattoo in New York State?

18 years

Can you get a New York state security license if you have a out of state felony?


Can you hunt small game animals in New York without a license?

you have to have a license to hunt anything in New York State

Is a new york state pistol license valid in New York City?


Is a license required for body piercing in new york state?

A business license and health inspection is required in every community and every business that performs this service must be licensed and inspected prior to opening and is subject to recurring inspections on a yearly or biyearly basis.

Can you get a new york state security license with a felony?


Do you need to have a license to drive a motor scooter in New York state?

No you do not need a license.

What license do you need to sell candy out of your house in New York State?

A sellers license

What happens if you have a driver license in the state of New York then move to the state of California and get a license there does the New York one becomes invalid?

Yes, but you could probably sell the license plate to illegal immigrants for cash.

Is it illegal to get a tattoo on your hand in new york state?

no it is not, you can get tattooed anywhere you want to...