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Q: Is a lie detector test legal in Florida Can it be used in court?
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Why do they not apply a lie detector test in the court of law?

Lie detector test is one of the due process investigation of the suspect. but this is not the basis of the case if the suspect is guilty of the charges.

How much for a home lie detector test?

Lie detector machines are not given out randomly and you need the permission of the person you want to do the lie detector test on which you are not likely to get. Lie detector tests are not 100% accurate and cannot always be used in a court of law.

Can you be forced to take a lie detector test?

A court can order you to take one, yes.

Is a lie detector a polygraph test?

yes, a lie detector is a polygraph test. When you take the polygraph test, they use a lie detector to see if you are lying or not.

Should you take a lie detector test for a drug charge?

If you are not guilty or you know how to beat a lie detector then yes.ADDED: (in the US) The results of such a test are NOT admissibile in court - however - the police CAN use them to assist in conducting their investigations.

Can you carry a taser in Florida?

It is legal to carry a citizen Taser in Florida, after passing a felony background test.

Where can you do a cheap lie detector test?

There is not cheap way to do a reliable lie detector test. This kind of test is only given by professionals.

What is polygraphy?

A lie detector test

Where can you get a lie detector test?


Would wife take lie detecter test if she cheated?

Lie detector tests are not 100% accurate and although given by law they are not admissibly in a court of law and using a lie detector is not used for public use; therefore it would not make any point for your wife to take a lie detector test. Hypothetically, if your wife did cheat she would probably decline taking the test.

Operating a vehicle in the state of Florida is considered as giving legal consent to?

perform a chemical test.

What if you pass a lie detector test?

then your not lying ...

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