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Is a longitudinal wave a mechinal wave?

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It is not a synonym, in any case. Mechanical waves can be both longitudinal and transverse. Electromagnetic waves are transverse.

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Radio wave is not a longitudinal wave it is a transverse wave

A sound wave is a longitudinal wave because it compresses the air and a longitudinal wave is also known as a compression wave.

a sound wave is longitudinal. this is because the wave compress and expand the air particles around them. ( that is what a longitudinal wave does).

Yes , a longitudinal wave is for sure a sound wave.

Well a longitudinal wave is actually a horizontal wave.

A sound wave is indeed a longitudinal wave as opposed to a transverse wave

Mechanical WaveLongitudinal WavePressure Wavesound wave is a longitudinal mechanical wave.answer: B. compression C. longitudinal D. mechanical

A rarefaction can be in a longitudinal and transverse wave. (Longitudinal and transverse wave are both Mechanical waves)

A longitudinal wave is a wave of which the disturbance direction is the same direction of the direction of the wave. Waves done in a spring and sound waves are an example. A longitudinal wave: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

longitudinal wave is a wave which contains a rare fraction and a compresssion.

yes, it is. But mechanical waves can be as well as non longitudinal!

A wave must be transverse or longitudinal or both.

Amplitude of a longitudinal wave is measured as a change in pressure.

The non examples of longitudinal waves is a small wave

When you have the complete compression and rarefaction of a longitudinal wave, that is one complete wave.

The vibration of the Longitudinal wave is parallel to the wave direction and the vibration is perpendicular to the direction in the transverse wave.

Longitudinal is vibration in the direction of the wave.

The amount of displacement in a wave is called the AMPLITUDE - whether the wave is longitudinal or transverse.

Earthquakes generate both transverse and longitudinal waves.

It is a longitudinal wave.

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