Is a lynx carnivorous

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Yes, the lynx is an obligate carnivore. It eats only meat.

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Q: Is a lynx carnivorous
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What time of day do the lynx eat?

The lynx is a carnivorous and territorial animal that looks like a large house cat. The lynx hunts and eats during the night time hours.

What animals does a lynx hunt?

In the wild Canadian Lynx are strictly carnivorous. They eat: leporids (especially the snowshoe hare); deer and other ungulates. They eat rodents, birds and fish and carrion.And little deers and small fishes. Mostly Canadian piranhas if lucky.Read more:What_do_lynx_eat

How many lynx species are there?

Bay Lynx (Bob Cat) Canadian Lynx Spanish Lynx (Iberian Lynx) Eurasian Lynx

What is the Latin term for lynx?


What animal has no vowels in its name?

Alternative answer: A Lynx.

Are the lynx and the bobcat the same thing?

Yes and no. 'Lynx' is a genus of cat. There are four species in this genus. From largest to smallest. Lynx lynx - Asian lynx Lynx canadensis - Canadian lynx Lynx pardinus - Iberian lynx Lynx rufus - Red lynx (aka bobcat) I'm assuming by 'lynx' you mean the Canadian lynx. The bobcat is a separate species from the Canadian lynx. They share the same genus/family of cats, but they are not the same species.

What is the lynx's scientific name?

There are several different types of lynx and each species has its own Latin name: Lynx Lynx - the Eurasian Lynx Lynx canadensis - the Canadian Lynx Lynx pardinus - the Iberian Lynx Lynx rufus - the famous bobcat (N. America) Hope this helps :D

What are lynx protection?

what are lynx protection what are lynx protection

What is the scientific name of Eurasian lynx?

Lynx lynx is the scientific name of an Eurasian lynx

What type of lynx cats are there?

there is Canada lynx , Eurasian lynx ,Iberian lynx and the bobcat.

How many lynxes are therE?

Bay Lynx (Bob Cat) Canadian Lynx Spanish Lynx (Iberian Lynx) Eurasian Lynx

What is the scientific name of the Eurasian Lynx?

It's Lynx Lynx

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