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Yes, it is. Physical components of a computing system are referred to as hardware.

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Not always. 'Memory Stick' is the brand name for Sony memory cards. But it's also a name for USB fobs, or pendrives.

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Q: Is a memory stick and USB stick the same device?
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Is memory stick a secondary memory device?

It is a removable disk and a USB drive.

What websites allow you to download on to usb memory stick?

Any files that are less than the capacity of the "memory stick" can be stored on the device. Just choose the "Save As" option and indicate that you want it saved on the USB device.

How do you use a memory stick as RAM storage?

Plug in you USB flash drive to the USB port and go to MY COMPUTER, then RIGHT CLICK on the DEVICE and click on READY BOOST

What is the name of a USB device replacing floppies as a means of transporting data from one computer to another?

USB stick or memory card (with a USB card reader)

What is a portable storage device that plugs directly into a computer's system unit using a built-in connector.?

A USB stick (or memory stick).

Is a USB stick input or output device?

A USB stick is both an input and an output device. Data can be written to the stick, and can be extracted from the stick.

What is a portable storage device that plugs directly into a computer's system unit using a built-in connector called?

A USB stick (or memory stick).

How do you save onto a memory stick from your computer?

For Tablets you have to have a word reading software (Documents to go.) This is usually preloaded on to the device. Click save. You should visit The Android Forum or specify your device (Phone,Tablet, or etc.)

How do you put music from a USB?

You can just use file explorer to copy and paste music to a USB memory stick which appears as an external USB storage device. - Neeraj Sharma

What storage device is most suitable for transferring a small word document from one microcomputer to another?

A USB memory stick.

Can Kindle read pdf files uploaded to it from a USB memory stick?

The Kindle can read PDF files uploaded from a USB memory stick.

What is the main function of a USB Flash Memory Stick?

A USB stick is a portable memory device which can be used on computers and laptop, and for different operating systems. A USB is generally very light and small. It could easily be a key chain or kept in a purse/bag. You could use your USB to save copies of your work, photos, media files or programs.