Is a model 94 30-30 made in 1974 a collectors item?

As the old saying goes, a lot depends on a lot. I am assuming that the question is actually asking if there is any additional value. Anything can be collectible, even without any monetary value attached. People collect everything.

As for value, there was nothing particularly special about the 1974 models as opposed to other years. The pre-1964 models are the ones that generally carry the greatest value.

That said, anything can be a collectors item, and have value added, if there are factors unique to the item that make it collectible. If the gun has never been fired, a 1974 would be collectible. If it has some specific provenance, like it was once owned by someone famous, or if it were used in a notable manner, it could have added value. For instance, Al Capone's gun was nothing special, but is very valuable because it was Al Capone's gun.

Barring one of those two, unfired or special provenance, the 74 is no more collectible that any other Winchester model 94.

Now that you've been let down, there is a bright side. Winchester discontinued the model 94 in 2006, so eventually they'll all be collectible.