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No, neonatal nurses deal with newborn babies while a pediatric nurse deals with children from birth to 18 years old.

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Q: Is a neonatal nurse the same as a pediatric nurse?
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What is your occupation when you work in the hospital's nursery?

Could be a pediatric or neonatal nurse.Could be a pediatric or neonatal nurse.Could be a pediatric or neonatal nurse.Could be a pediatric or neonatal nurse.Could be a pediatric or neonatal nurse.Could be a pediatric or neonatal nurse.

Does a pediatric nurse or a neonatal nurse make more money?

Usually a neonatal nurse.

What courses are required for pediatric nursing?

A pediatric nurse should have a certificate in order to be a nurse. They should also have taken classes in anatomy, childhood development, and neonatal care.

Is a neonatal nurse and a registered nurse the same?

Neonatal nursing is a specific field, a registered nurse can apply to any kind of nurse.

What is a neonatal nurse?

A neonatal nurse is a nurse that takes care of babies immediately after they are born.

How do you say pediatric nurse?

Pediatric Nurse.

What is the difference in neonatal and neonatal nurse?

Neonatal refers to a baby at a certain age range and Neonatal Nurse is a nurse who specialized in caring and providing for the baby in that age range.

What is the difference in a neonatal nurse practitioner and a neonatal nurse?

a neonatal nusre practitioner has to have more schooling and get a masters degree.while a neonatal nurse only has to have 2 or 4 years of schooling

Is a pediatric nurse and a nurse practitioner the same thing?

No they aren't. A pediatric nurse is a nurse who deals only with children. A nurse practitioner is basically a mini doctor who deals with people of all ages.

Where would you attend college to be a neonatal nurse?

to be a neonatal nurse you have to go to college in calafornia

What do Neonatal nurses mean?

A neonatal nurse is a nurse who specialises in caring for newborn babies.

What does a pediatric nurse do?

A Pediatric nurse specializes in the care of children.

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