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no--the warranty is not transferrable

If you are the original owner, it should be. I work at a dealer in Illinois and I have done warranty work on Canadian vehicles that were traveling through.

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Does chrysler have to pay to get code p1004 fixed?

Only if the vehicle is covered under warranty.Only if the vehicle is covered under warranty.

What is the warranty on your Chrysler Pacifica 2006 good for or is it?

It is good for what is covered under the terms of the warranty. Since the vehicle is 7 years old it has probably expired.It is good for what is covered under the terms of the warranty. Since the vehicle is 7 years old it has probably expired.

Who is responsible for breakdowns on a leased vehicle?

The leasee is responsible, unless the vehicle is still under warranty and the problem is covered under said warranty

Are all catalytic converters guaranteed for 100000 miles?

No, for example a Chrysler vehicle has an 8 year 80,000 mile emission warranty that covers the catalytic ocnverter.No, for example a Chrysler vehicle has an 8 year 80,000 mile emission warranty that covers the catalytic ocnverter.

Is timing belt coverd in your warranty?

Depends on the manufacture. It will be covered under the bumper to bumper warranty. It may or may not be covered under the power train warranty. Read your warranty that came with the vehicle or call your dealer.

Is a Toyota Extended Warranty able to be transferred to a new owner if the vehicle is sold while covered?

"In most cases, the Extended Warranty is able to be transferred to a new owner if the vehicle is sold during the covered period. However, you should refer to the paperwork that came with your warranty for your specific vehicle for the exact details."

Is side airbag reset warning covered for life of auto?

Airbags are only covered by the vehicle warranty. They are not covered for the lif of the vehicle, unless you continue to buy extended warranties.

What is covered in the warranty when you purchase a Chevrolet vehicle?

When you purchase a Chevrolet vehicle, the warranty covers the vehicle for three years and 36,000 miles. The engine coverage includes all internally lubricated parts.

Are tires covered in the Toyota extended warranty?

Yes, tires are covered in the Toyota extended warranty, as tires are very important in a vehicle and can go wrong at any time. It is necessary to have such materials covered in warranties.

Purchase an Extended Warranty?

form_title=Purchase an Extended Warranty form_header=An extended warranty can help pay for large repairs that aren't covered under a normal warranty. Do you currently have a warranty?= () Yes () No What features do you expect out of a warranty?=_ Do you have a loan on your vehicle?= () Yes () No

What does a warranty cover?

It depends on what is being covered under the warranty . Contact the warranty answerman at ; This person really can help you for a small fee . We saved Thousands of dollars on our vehicle warranty and her was helpful . Any warranty question he has the answer.

Where can I find information on a bumper to bumper warranty?

A bumper to bumper warranty generally implies that the entire vehicle is covered and will be replaced or repaired. This is only true during the time that the warranty is in place. You can check at local dealerships or wherever you purchase your new vehicle from to get detailed information on the warranty coverage.

Why is the Chrysler 300 such a popular vehicle?

The Chrysler 300 is a popular vehicle because of its luxury interior, sleek look and affordable price. This car has taken the typical family car and brought fashion to the market.

What warranties are available when purchasing a pre owned Chrysler?

When one purchases a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle from Chrysler there is a 3 month or 3000 miles Maximum Care Limited Warranty. There is also an up to 7 year or 100,000 mile Powertrain Limited Warranty.

What is an open-end warranty?

An open ended warranty would indicate that coverage for certian conditions continues in perpetuity. For example, if your automobile came with an open ended warranty, all warranty covered items, and the covered items list is very specific typically, would be covered for as long as you own the car,or, for the life of the vehicle itself. Wouldn't that be nice! However, this is why almost everything I can think of, and I can think of a lot, comes with a "Limited Warranty."

What does a power train warranty cover?

The power-train warranty covers the engine transmission, & differential. In other words what is powering the vehicle. There may be limitations and exceptions to the exact parts covered. Read the warranty details to find out.

Why should a driver buy an extended car warranty?

A driver should consider buying an extended car warranty to keep their car under the warranty for a longer period of time. An extended warranty means that there is a longer window for the vehicle to be covered for free repairs or replacements if it has problems.

Is there a company who would still offer any type of warranty if people buy used 2000 dodge pick ups?

If you purchase the vehicle from a reputable car dealer, they offer a warranty at the time of purchase. You choose which components you want covered on the warranty.

Is a car warranty usually included in a new car purchase?

In general terms, the motor vehicle and all accessories (conditional) fitted at the time of sale are covered by the warranty. If a defect occurs during the warranty period, the dealer is obliged to fix the defect at no cost to the customer so that the vehicle is in reasonable condition for it's age. The time it takes to make repairs is added on to your warranty period.

What can you do if you purchase a used vehicle with th extened warranty and then the extended warranty gets rejected?

When a person purchases a used vehicle with an extended warranty and the extended warranty gets rejected the person should contact the dealer that sold the vehicle. The person can also contact the warranty company and inquire as to why it was rejected.

Can I purchase a 2006 after-market warranty for a 2006 Lexus?

Yes, there are many companies that offer aftermarket warranties for used cars as well as cars whose factory warranty has expired. Your 2006 Lexus is a vehicle that is covered.

Can you buy extended warranty on a salvaged vehicle?

Penn warranty company.

What are the different tiers of warranty service on a 1978 Jeep?

Sadly, the vehicle may not ever have a warranty again. The older a vehicle gets the more difficult it becomes to get a warranty.

Is brake repair usually covered under the warranty of a new vehicle?

It really depends. It is always advisable to read the fine print of your warranty agreement before signing. Break repair is not usually coverd under the warranty. It is considered normal maintenance of the car and is the owners responsibility.

How do you check to see if your vehicle is under factory warranty?

You can probably call the dealer you brought the car from. If you brought it used call the person you brought it from, if you can't get in touch with them call the car manufacturer. They will let you know somehow you'll probably need to provide you're vin number or some thing to identify you're vehicle.