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No, a physician assistant and nurse practitioner are educated very differently. Physician assistnats are educated in medicine and practice medicine with physicians. nurse practitioners practice advanced nursing and they practice their trade under the oversight of a physician. NP's study nursing theory adn the social aspects of medicine. the programs are less science based than PA's which are purely science, diagnostics, and treatment. NP's undergo about 600 hours of didactic/classroom training (sometimes online distance learning) and average 600-700 hours of clinical training in an area of focus. PA's. undergo over 1500 hours of full-time didactic/classroom training and over 2100 hours of clinical training. PA school also requires science pre-requisites that are similar to medical school. Nursing usually requires that the person be an RN and statistics are highly recommended (and sometimes required). I persued my DNP because I wasn't as intersted in hard science courses that were required for pre-requsites to PA school. It's a softer approach academically, but just as effective clinically with less complicated patients. I feel good about addressing each patients care both medically as part of a team and socially/holistically (similar to a social worker) more independently. the nursing tract also offers more opportunity for administrative type jobs because of different tracts. I have a teaching appointment, clinical appointment and administrative appointment at the hosptital that I work. The PA's seem to be more like the doctors in practice. To each their own. In some settings their is probably little difference in how they practice.

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Can a physician assistant or nurse practitioner take xrays in Florida?


Does a physician assistant have more power than nurse practinioner?

No, physician assistants must work under the supervision of a physician. A nurse practitioner may work autonomously, or in collaboration with a physician.

Who can answer a phone call regarding the side-effects of a medication?

nurse practitioner or physician assistant

What is the difference between a family nurse practitoner and a physician assistant?

a physician Assistant may practice medicine under the supervision of a physician. A nurse practitioner does not necessarily need the supervision of a physician. The salary range is about equal ($69,000 to $86,000 per year).

Where can I find a list of physician assistant jobs? is an employment job board listing physician assistant jobs and nurse practitioner jobs from thousands of healthcare organizations ...

Who diagnoses and treats diseases and injuries?

It depends on where you are and the governmental regulations in your area. In most places you have to be a primary care provider. This can be a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, osteopath, chiropractor, acupuncturist, or naturopath.

Is a physician assistant higher than a nurse practitioner?

as far as medicine goes yes, as far as nursing goes no.

Can a professional counselor prescribe medications in Ohio?

No. Only a licensed physician can prescribe medications in Ohio (or a nurse practitioner or physician assistant working under a licensed physician).

What is a related occupation to nurse practitioner?

The related occupation to a nurse practitioner is a physician's assistant.

Who makes more a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner?

A nurse practitioner would earn significantly more because to acquire that position the individual must hold a master's or doctorate level degree. To become an assistant you only need a certificate or Associate's degree.

Does a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant make more money?

A physician assistant makes more. They have more training, similar to a physician less a residency. Nurse practitioners practice nursing, not medicine. They have less autonomy with more complex patients. They basically treat the minor stuff while the medical team (which is physician/physician assistant) take care of the more complex patients. Depending on where you are at, PA's (physician assistants) make 10 - 20k more than nurse practitioners.

What do you call a Nurse Practitioner?

Very often a Nurse Practitioner is called "doctor"...or by first name. Same applies to PA's..Physician Assistants

What is heathcare PA-C or NP?

A PA is a Physician Assistant, the C means that a national certification exam was taken and passed. An NP is a Nurse Practitioner.

How is vulvovaginitis diagnosed?

Vulvovaginitis can be diagnosed and treated by a nurse practitioner or physician.

What are PA and RN?

Physician Assistant and Registered Nurse

Can a nurse practitioner write prescriptions with out being supervised bt a physician?


What is the order of positions in the medical field starting with RN and ending with MD?

RN (Registered Nurse), APRN (Advanced practice registered nurse), NP (nurse practitioner), PA (physician assistant), MD/DO (Doctor of medicine, doctor of osteopathic medicine).

Do you have to be a nurse before becoming a physician assistant?

No, physician assistants are trained on a different educational path.

What is a PA?

* a PA is a Physicians Assistant * They work under the license of an physician and/or surgeon, who may hold an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) or D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) degree. * Similar to a Nurse Practitioner

Can a nurse practitioner become a doctor?

A nurse can enter a Medical School, take the same classes as medical students, and become a Physician.

What are some great Nurse Practicioner Jobs?

"There's various types of Nurse Practitioner jobs including Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, Rehabilitation Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner, etc. These are all great nurse practitioner jobs, though the best is personal preference."

What could a pain be that is between your ribs and hip bone on the left side?

A pain between your ribs and hip bone could be a lot of things. If it continues, see a Physician, Physician's Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner for an assessment.

Is an Advanced nurse practitioner better than a Family Nurse practitioner?

No, a family nurse practitioner is one subspecialty of advanced nurse practitioners.

What is the abbreviation for nurse practitioner?

NP is the abbreviation for nurse practitioner.

Is a nurse practitioner a doctor?

A nurse practitioner is not a doctor. An NP is an advanced practice nurse.