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No. The surface gravity of a planet is determined by its mass and radius.


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It was Isaac Newton who figured out that the force of gravity keeps planets in orbit around the sun.

Yes. The sun is attracted by the gravity of the planets just as the planets are attracted by the sun. Since the sun is more massive it does not move as much, bu the gravity of the orbiting planets does cause it to "wobble."

The planets are satellites of the sun. The moons are satellites of the planets. The moons revolve around the planets captured by their gravity, while the planets revolve around the sun captured by its gravity and the sun.

The Sun's gravity keeps the planets orbiting the Sun.

No. Planets have gravity as a result of their own mass.

because of the gravity the sun has and also the planets have gravity turning around the sun

It's the gravity of the sun vs gravity of the moon the sun is farther away, the moon is very close. the gravity of other planets might also have a significant effect.

The sun has all the gravity to keep the planets a certain distance from the sun.

The effect of gravity does effect the planets. Gravity keeps the planets to the sun. Gravity works between any 2 objects. It's the attraction between planets and sun that keeps planets going around the sun otherwise they would keep going in a straight line.

why do the PLANETS orbit the sun? Because of gravity, the sun has loads of gravity so it holds all the planets in space.

yes, the sun gravity holds planets into orbit

Yes they are the sun has gravity that holds the planets in place.

Gravity :) (Gravity also holds the outer planets tightly to the Sun.)

The sun controls gravity in our solar system keeping the planets in orbit just as the earth keeps the moon in orbit. Depending on how close you are to a planet will determine whether the suns or that planets gravity will act upon you. Gravity is everywhere in space.

No. The sun's gravity keeps the planets, including Earth, in orbit around the sun.

No. The surface gravity of a planet depends on its size and mass, not its distance from the sun.

The sun's gravity pulls the planets.

If there was no gravity, the Sun and and the planets would never have formed.

Gravity holds the sun together. Gravity also holds all of the planets together, and holds the planets in orbit around the sun.

The gravity of the Sun (combined with the inertia of the planets) causes the planets to orbit the Sun.

The Sun stays in orbit because of gravity. This is also why all the planets stay in orbit too. Gravity pulls the planets towards the Sun. Without gravity, the planets would be wandering all over the universe.

The inner planets have less mass and less gravity, so they can get closer to the sun without the gravity of each pulling the planet into the sun. Any gaseous planet that got too close to the sun was pulled into it, due to the huge gravity of the sun and the planet, so only the ones further away survived.

All the planets are in stable orbits around the sun and never come close enough to be significantly affected by each other's gravity.

The force of gravity attracts planets toward the sun.

Gravity keeps the sun and the planets in their places!

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