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Indeed, it is.

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Basset hound animal?

The basset hound is a breed of dog.

Is a hound a breed of dog?

yes it is

What breed of dog can blush?

The Pharaoh hound dog.

Is the Saluki dog breed closely related to the Afghan Hound?

Yes, the Saluki dog breed is closely related to the Afghan Hound.

What is a basset hound?

A basset hound is a short-legged breed of dog in the hound family.

What is the skinnyest dog breed in the world?

The Grey Hound is the skinniest dog breed in the world. They even have a saying for the Grey Hound. No matter what you do you can't make a Grey Hound fat.

What breed of dog would you recommend for a hunting dog?

hound dog

Which breed-of-dog is Columbo's dog?

Basset Hound

Which of the following is a breed of dog?

Basset Hound

What dog breed is Anubis?

An Ibizan Hound

What is a breed of dog for hunting called?


Is the Kuvasz a rare breed of dog?

Yes, the Kuvasz is considered to be a rare breed of dog.

Breed of dog that begin with letter H?

Hound dog, Husky

What was the breed of Walter the dog on Bonanza?

A Hound/Hunting dog mix.

What breed of dog is the hush puppy dog?

It's a Bassett Hound.

Which breed is the biggest-dog in the world?

The tallest dog breed in the world is the Irish wolf hound

Is there a type of dog called an Afghan Hound?

Yes, the Afghan Hound is a breed of domestic dog. Learn more about the Afghan Hound at the related link.

What dog breed is the fastest in the US?

grey hound

What breed of dog does the detective Columbo have?

Basset hound

What breed of dog has the longest ears?

basset hound

What is the name of breed that made the hound dog?

the wolf

What dog breed can jump the highest?

The Ibizan hound.

What breed of dog is in the k.f.c ad?

Basset hound

Is the English Setter a rare breed of dog?

Yes, the English Setter is considered to be a rare breed of dog.

What is the motto of American Rare Breed Association?

American Rare Breed Association's motto is 'Rare Breed Dog'.