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Yes, it is a bony fish. They belong to the Osteicthyes class of bony fish.

How Do Porcupine Fish Get Their Food?

cartilagenous fish - cartilagenous skeleton bony fish - bony skeleton

no its not a bony fish its acctually a cartilaginous fish.

no a hag fish is not a bony fish

yes b/c a bony fish has to have a bony body

bony fish have backbones

Yes porcupine fish do have fur

A bony fish has a bony skeleton.

no.... bony fish are like... salmon & stuff

Bony fish are in the PHYLUM VERTEBRATA

a rainbow trout is a bony fish.

If the fish has a back bone then it is considered as a bony fish :)

No, Sharks will not eat porcupine fish.

yes, the blue tang is a bony fish

Sharks are not bony fish. They are cartilaginous fish.

becaus it is a relative to the porcupine and the porcupine is a mammal

Porcupine fish can grow to over a foot long.

the ocean sushine fish is the worlds heaviest bony fish

The color of the porcupine fish can range from olive to brown. This fish has a light underbelly and dark spots cover its entire body. A porcupine fish is a pufferfish.

a porcupine is most likely a mammal. it is not a fish it is not a bird and it is defiantly not an amphibian!

No bony fish are not extinct. Bony fish are fish with a bone skeleton unlike Cartilaginous fish which heave a cartilage skeleton and jawless fish which don't have a skeleton. -Erin 11

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