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yes a pumpkin is a melon as it is also a fruit

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Q: Is a pumpkin a melon
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What is the origin of the word pumpkin?

Large Melon

What are the examples of creepers?

water melon , pumpkin

Is the pumpkin in the melon family?

yes it is in the melon family along with squash and cucumber the family is the cucurbit family

What seeds can you plant in minecraft?

Normal seeds = Wheat Melon seeds = Melon Pumpkin seeds = Pumpkin That is all the seeds that you can currently get in the game.

Are pumpkins more related to squash or melon?

A pumpkin is a ground squash.

How do you identify a water-melon seedling from a pumpkin seedling?

watermelon seeds are normally black or dark brown, pumpkin seeds are white

Where did the term pumpkin originate?

The origin of "pumpkin" comes from the Middle French word "pumpion," meaning melon, and the earlier Greek and Latin word "pepon," which also means melon. The addition of -kin is attributed to Middle English; it is a suffix that means "small."

From what language did the word pumpkin originate and what was its meaning?

the language of latanian The word pumpkin comes from the Greek word pepon, meaning large melon.

What is the Greek word for Pumpkin?

The name pumpkin originated from the Greek word for "large melon" which is "pepon."

How did the Hopi Native Americans eat?

They eats corn , melon , beans , squash , pumpkin , and fruits

Where do you find watermelon seeds in minecraft pe?

To get melon seeds you must use the nether reactor. Note: When you get melon seeds they will look like pumpkin seeds but will grow melons.

What fruit is similar to butternut squash?

Squash is a Pepo, other types of Pepos are Pumpkin,water melon

From what language did the word pumpkin originate?

The word pumkin orginates from greek origin for "large melon" which is "pepon".

What grows in the ground?

tomatoes, pumpkin, squash, cucumber, melon, pepper and eggplants plus much more.

Hopi Indians foods?

mammoth, bison. corn, squash, beans, pumpkin, melon, fruit.

What are the names of 5 common creeper plants?

water melon, black pepper, long pepper, pumpkin, bottle gourd

Do chickens eat on Minecraft?

You can feed chickens by right-clicking on them with wheat seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, or nether wart in hand.

What are some fruits that start with F and H?

· fig, feijoa, fluted pumpkin · honeydew melon, hubbard squash, hog plum

What were colors of luggage in the 1980s?

Popular colors included earth tones, blue-black, burgundy, melon, pumpkin, olive green, and deep gold

What parts of a pumpkin do you eat?

Both the interior flesh and the seeds are edible. The pumpkin is a very versatile squash (arguably melon). If buying a pumpkin solely for cooking purposes, it can be handled very similarly to a cantaloupe. The seeds of a pumpkin can be scraped away from the flesh, rinsed, dried and roasted with a little oil and salt and they are wonderful. The flesh of a pumpkin can be seasoned, oiled and roasted and then scraped from the rind to create a savory side dish. Pumpkin flesh is also widely used in desserts including pumpkin pies and breads. Really, the only part of a pumpkin you would not eat is the rind and skin.

Is pumpkin and watermelon in the same family?

They are the same Family but a different Genus. Pumkins are Cucurbita Pepo. Water melon is Citrullis vulgaris.

What fruits grow on ground?

strawberry tomato pumpkin melon cucumber zucchini

What does melon scratcher mean?

Melon scratcher..Melon = head so melon scratcher is a head scratcher or puzzler.

How do you spell melon?


What is the another name of water melon?

It is melon. Ex. I want to eat a melon!