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Is a ram a goat?

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No, a ram is a male sheep. :)

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Is a ram a male goat?

No. A ram is a male sheep. A male goat is a buck or billy.

Is a ram a horse?

No, a ram is a male goat or sheep.

What is a ram goat?

An adult male goat is called a buck.

What is the difference between a goat and a ram?

A ram is an entire male sheep. A goat could be a doe, buck or wether.

Is a ram a female goat?

No. A ram is a male sheep. A female goat is called a doe. Males are called bucks.

What is the difference between a ram and a goat?

A ram is a sheep, and a goat is a goat. The biggest difference is the horns. Ram horns are much bigger and wrap around their head. They also breed with sheep (one to a herd).

What is difference between goat and ram?

A goat is ruminant and can be a kid, doe, buck or wether. A ram is an entire male adult sheep

Is the baphomet a ram?

Not exactly a Ram but a half human half goat!

What car has a Goat car emblem?

That would be Dodge, and the emblem is a Ram (goat).

What is a ram called in English?

A ram is called a ram in English, if you mean a male sheep or goat.

Is a goat a male sheep?

No, a goat is not a male sheep, a male sheep in known as a ram.

What did the goat butt with its horns?

if you are asking what goats ram into they ram into each other a lot

What is the opposite gender of nanny goat?

billy goatI guess a billy goat. But technically, they are called does and bucks.

Which sign of the zodiac is symbolised by the goat?

Capricorn is the sign of the zodiac that has a symbol of a goat. Aries has a related symbol which is a ram.

What are 3 good goat puns?

1. you have to be kidding me. 2.goat for it 3.im gonna ram u

Opposite gender of nanny?

A nanny is a female goat or sheep; a male goat or sheep is called a billy or a ram.

What is an aegicrane?

An aegicrane is a carved head of a ram or goat, used as decoration.

Is there a synonym for ram animal?

Mountain goat or a little less relevant, sheep.

What is the opposite sex of sheep?

A male sheep (and also a male goat) is called a ram.

Is a male goat called a ram?

No it is called a buck. Rams are entire male sheep.

What zodiac are Capricorn and Aries?

The zodiac signs for Aries is the Ram and Capricorn is represented by a Goat.

Is there a goat or a ram with a golden fleece?

In Greek mythology, yes: it's name was "Crius Chrysomallus".

What is a male mountain goat called?

A ram. A good thing to remember when you're standing on the edge of a cliff.

Is the rocky mountain goat dangerous?

if you make it mad or uncomfortable, it could ram you. especially if you throw a rock at it.

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