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Is a red line running up you L arm a sign a blood poisoning?

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2014-05-20 18:59:55

if the red line is following a vein up your arm comming from a

cut, then yes it is possible! I had a similar thing happen to me

when i was 8, i cut my hand on a metal spoke of a fence and had a

red line going up my arm. my doc said it was an infection that went

into my blood and scrubbed the crap out of my hand. I had to

continue scubbing it for several days and mark with a marker where

the red line was and keep my hand elevated. You should definitely

see a doc soon

A similar thing happened to me...I noticed what looked like a

Spider bite on my left arm, on the inside just opposite the elbow.

I scratched it and picked at it because it was

swelled up a bit. The next day I awoke to find a red line following

my vein all the way up my arm to the arm pit. I went to the ER to

find out it was blood poisoning, and was told that I would have

been in BAD shape had I waited any longer. I was given a rather

painful shot, and was released. It went away within a few days. DO

go to the Doctor right away!

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