Is a roadrunner a cold blooded animal?

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No, a road runner is warmblooded animal because it is a type of bird.

Are cold blooded animals always cold?

This may not be highly accurate, but essentially: cold blooded justmeans that it's not "warm blooded". Warm blooded creatures have theability to metabolically regulate the temperature of their blood.So, whether it is warm out or cold, humans maintain a temperaturearound 98 degrees. Cold blooded crea ( Full Answer )

Why are reptiles cold blooded animals?

Reptiles are indeed "cold blooded" animals. This means that they are unable to self regulate their body temperature. If they get too cold, they get sluggish and slow and have to lay out in the sun to increase their body temperature. If they get hot, they have to hide in the shade or burrow in the sa ( Full Answer )

What are cold blooded animals?

Cold blooded animals are any animals that have cold blood such as fish and reptiles. A lot of cold blooded animals spend a lot of time in the sun to keep warm. Humans are warm blooded animals.

What animals are cold blooded?

Reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects and arachnids cold-bloodedanimals. Cold-blooded means that the animals are ectothermic. They aredependent on the environment to control their body temperature. Animals that are cold blooded include: . Frogs . Toads . Fish (but not all such as Lampris guttat ( Full Answer )

Can cold blooded animals get rabies?

Yes,but they don't have red eyes,or have white stuff coming out of its mouth.They just look very angry.To believe me,go on wikepedia.

What animal is cold blooded?

There are many animals that are ectotherms (the term cold-blooded is not used as frequently because their blood temperature can often be much higher than that of other animals). These animals include; insects, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

Do cold blooded animals hibernate?

Yes. The garter snakes of Canada assemble in huge number to occupy large underground dens to sleep the winter away.

What is an example of a cold blooded animal?

salmon . snakes . lizards . fish A cold blooded animal is a animal that is the same temperature of its suroundings. A warm blooded animal would be a animal that is the opposite temperature of its surroundings so its not too cold or too hot.

How many cold-blooded animals are there?

\nMillions.\n. \nThere isn't a specific answer to this question.\n. \nScientists can't answer that question because there are so many animals in the world that people lost count.\n. \nReptiles,\n. \nAmphibians,\n. \nand MANY underwater animals\n. \nARE COLD BLOODED

Are ostriches cold blooded animals?

Pssh well, if an Ostrich eats yogurt and is a herbivore then you have one weird ostrich. But on the other hand ostriches could be described as egg laying birds with no blood coursing through their veins at all

Can an animal be warm and cold blooded?

Certain bats and small birds are not completely warm blooded. Their body temperature drops while they sleep, allowing them to survive when they cannot keep eating enough to maintain their normal body temperature. Also, certain fish are not completely cold blooded, since they can warm up certain pa ( Full Answer )

Describe a cold blooded animal?

Cold blooded animals are known as being ectothermic. This meansthat they have blood that changes temperature to match theenvironment around them.

Is a cold blooded animal an invertebrate?

All invertebrates are cold blooded; however, not all cold blooded animals are invertebrates. For example, reptiles, amphibians and most fish are cold blooded, but they are not invertebrates.

What are advantages of cold blooded animals?

there advantage is that they are used to the ups and down of the climax so they are likely to not die because of the climate where as the warm blooded animals rely on their body systems to stay cool or warm and if the warm blooded animals get too hot they can get sick.

Characteristic of cold blooded animals?

Characteristics of cold blooded animals are:. They like to be out in the sun.. They will most likely have scales.. Will probably bite you.

Which animals are cold blooded?

Amphibians (frogs salamanders), reptiles (snakes, lizards) and fish (sharks & goldfish). Basically everything except mammals and birds.

What does it mean to be a cold-blooded animal?

Cold-blooded creatures take on the temperature of their surroundings. They are hot when their environment is hot and cold when their environment is cold. In hot environments, cold-blooded animals can have blood that is much warmer than warmblooded animals. Cold-blooded animals are much more active ( Full Answer )

Why are desert animals cold-blooded?

Most animals of the desert are warm blooded, not cold blooded. Onlyreptiles, amphibians and arthropods are cold blooded.

List of cold blooded animals?

Frogs . Toads . Fish . Geckos . Crocodiles . Chameleons . Snakes . Insects . Spiders . Scropions . Sharks

What are names of cold blooded animals?

Amphibians, reptiles, invertebrates and most fishes are cold-blooded (ectothermic) animals. So, some ectotherms are the alligator, the boa constrictor, the salmon, the sea urchin, and the Galapagos tortoise. There is debate about whether dinosaurs were cold-blooded.

Are cold-blooded animals cold?

Only if the area were they are is cold. Cold-blooded means that they can't control their own body temperature so they usually rely on the sunshine for warmth and this is why they live in warm climates.

How do you know if an animal is cold blooded?

\nAn animal is cold blooded if its temperature stays the same as the air around it. Some warm blooded animals hibernate and their body temperature drops. When they wake up, their body temperature rises. Other animals Such as tuna fish have warm internal temperatures but do not maintain a constant in ( Full Answer )

Is a gecko a cold blooded animal?

A gecko is a reptile, so yes it is a cold blooded animal. Meaning, that it can not regulate it's temperature by it's self. It uses an out side heat source like a rock that has been heated by the sun.

Two cold blooded animals?

Cold-blooded animals (ectotherms) control their temperature through external means (rather than internal means, like humans use). This generally means they use their surroundings to regulate their temperature. Examples of this include sitting in the sun to warm up, sitting in the shade to cool down, ( Full Answer )

What is a list of cold blooded animals?

Some cold blooded animals are: snakes, alligators, frogs, lizards, salamanders, skunk, toads, turtles, crocodiles, geckos, spiders, sharks, chameleons, fish, scorpions, and insects, etc.

What can cold-blooded animals do?

Animals that are cold blooded means their core body temperature can be much lower than that of warmblooded animals.

What types of animals are cold blooded?

Cold blooded animals are types of animals that body temperature change depending on what environment like turtles. If turtles are in a place that is 50 degrees they will be 50 degrees.

What are warm blooded and cold blooded animals?

warm blooded animals are animals that mostly like to stay warm.but cant be in too cold temperatures. like us and mammals. and birds. cold blooded animals are animals that can go in really cold temperatures and survive

Why do cold blooded animals have cold blood?

Cold-blooded creatures take on the temperature of theirsurroundings. They are hot when their environment is hot and coldwhen their environment is cold. In hot environments, cold-bloodedanimals can have blood that is much warmer than warm-bloodedanimals. well its because if a cold blooded animal that ( Full Answer )

What is the temperature of cold blooded animal?

cold blooded animals do not have any body temprature.mammals can maintain their body temprature to an almost constant.If cold bloods spend too much time in shade their blood will become cold.they should come under the sun to warm up or they die.this explains why there are no reptiles in the poles

Are exothermic animals cold blooded?

Yes, they are. The opposite exothermic animals are "endotherms." Endotherms can produce enough heat from chemical reactions within the body to maintain a constant body temperature, while exothermic animals depend on the external temperature.

What are endotherms or cold- blooded animals?

Cold-blooded animals (ectotherms) are animals that do not have an internal mechanism for regulating body temperature, relying instead on solar energy captured by the environment. Reptiles , amphibians and fish are examples of cold-blooded animals.

What do cold blooded animals eat?

Cold blooded animals are called reptiles. These species includesnakes and lizards. Some reptiles eat smaller animals such as mice,while others eat a variety of plants.

Do cold blooded animals get cancer?

Cold blooded animals have been found to have cancerous tumours. Theformation of this cancer is no doubt linked to environmentalcontamination.

Are crocodiles cold blooded animals?

Yes, crocodiles are considered to be cold blooded animals . This is due to the the idea that their body temperature is dependent. All reptiles are cold blooded (crocodiles are reptiles).

What do cold-blooded animals do when they are cold?

Cold-blooded animals do feel cold when it's cold out. They move toa warmer area in order to regulate their body temperature.. cold-blooded animals are incapable of generating their own heat,therefore the individual must either move to a warmer location ifpossible or enter a torpor state ( a state o ( Full Answer )

Is a rhino a cold blooded animal?

No rhinos are not cold blooded animals. Rhinos are mammals and all mammals are warm blooded. Cold blooded animals are animals that can vary their body temperature depending on the temperature of the surroundings. Some examples of cold blooded animals are snakes, lizards, chameleons, komodo dragons e ( Full Answer )

What are cold blooded animal?

They are animals that use the surrounding heat to warm them up. You and I are warm blooded cause we make our own heat. A lizard in a desert is a good example. The lizard sleeps in the day because it is hot and if it overheats it can die. But it stays out sometimes outside in the day because if he st ( Full Answer )

Are mites cold blooded animal?

A spider falls under the classification of arachnid and are there for cold blooded. The spider uses the thermoregulation system of Poikilothermy, as its body temperature rises and falls with their environment. The term cold blooded refers to the way in which the bodily temperature changes with th ( Full Answer )