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No. There may be a totally amazing college that offers no classes in the area that you want to be educated. After you decide what you want to major in try to Google best college for and then type in the subject.

  • No, not always but usually.
  • Most good colleges and universities are naturally hard to get into, as there is a high demand for them
  • I would submit that one gets out of college what one puts into it. The only significance of a school that is harder to get into is the prestige that usually goes along with it, for example, an Ivy League school. It is generally the case that these school will open more doors for you with respect to your first job. Once you land your first job, however, your job performance will be much more important. Overall though, a more selective school does not-necessarily-provides a better educational experience.
  • I would say the top priority may be to choose a college that is best suited to your individual needs and interests, with respect to things like programs offered, geographical location, general atmosphere, and, of course, affordability or availability of scholarships.

yes you can say that but truthley most better schools cost more money

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Q: Is a school that is harder to get into always better?
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