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Is a six pence stamp worth anything?


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The value of a six pence stamp will depend on the year of the stamp, and the condition of the stamp.


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Under pre-decimal currency in the UK, a shilling was worth twelve pence, and a sixpence worth six pence. The UK adopted decimal currency in 1971.

No. Sixpence is a British Commonwealth coin and is worth six Pennies. A Dime is a US coin and worth 10 cents.

A six cent waterfowl stamp unused in worth 18 cents, and a used waterfowl stamp is worth 17 cents hope this helps

There are 653 Pence in six pounds fifty three.

One Pound = 100 Pence Six Pounds = 600 Pence 600 divided by 86 = 6.976

Two shillings and six pence.

It is worth about $1.20 in silver scrap if circulated and up to $5-10 if uncirculated. It isn't a rare date and is 50% silver.

One US dime is worth approx six pence (ร‚ยฃ0.06) in England.

It is worth about 25 cents in mint NH condition at best.

Well 10 and 6 means "ten shillings six pence", so for 10 and 6 means "for the price of ten shillings six pence."

Not much since it is struck out of copper-nickel and is fairly recent. It is only about 50 pence to a pound or $1-2 US dollars, but there isn't too much collector demand for them.

im looking for the same answer, maybe pence , like a six pence

One can easily be found for less than one US dollar. Converting to the modern decimal system, one old sixpence equals 2.5 new pence.

In British pre-decimal currency, 30 Pence was Two Shillings and Sixpence. 30 Pence in the old currency converted to 12.5 Pence in the new currency. 30 Pence in the new currency converted to 72 Pence (or Six Shillings) in the old currency.

Not much - unless there's something unique about it. There were hundreds of thousands of sixpences produced while they were still legal tender.

Not for Publication - 1951 Sing a Song of Six Pence was released on: USA: 29 February 1952

half a crown was two shillings six pence or 5 sixpences a sixpence was nicknamed a tanner 1 x 6 pence = sixpence (a tanner) 2 x 6 pence = 1 shilling (a bob) 4 x 6 pence = 2 shillings = 1 florin 5 x 6 pence = 1 half crown 10 x 6 pence = 1 crown = 1/4 pound

six livres et quatre vingt dix neuf pence

The 1991 Christmas stamps issued by the United States in a set of six different designs were not denominated. Even though no face value is printed, the stamp is still worth 29 cents postage.

There was no such thing as a 1962 Canadian six pence. There have been no Canadian coins based on the old British Imperial currency system minted for well over 130 years.

Six old Pence was Half a Shilling (Twelve Pence) however, it was also a coin in its own right, a small round coin and silver in colour commonly known as a "tanner".

how much is an apollo 8 uncirculated stamp worth

Yes, they are a Christian band.

Pence is a unit included in the British currency.That comes to a total of four thousand, six hundred and twenty-one pounds and twelve pence, please.She only paid twenty pence for the bookmark.

A half crown is 1/8 of a pound, that is, 2/6 (two shillings and six old pence) or 12.5 new pence.

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