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Is a tiny bit of blood in some discharge a symptom of pregnancy?

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Pregnancy symptomsI believe it is. I have been experiencing this the last 2 days and read several websites where it says it is a sign of pregnancy. My husband and I are hoping it is! All pregnancy tests have been negative so far but I only ovulated last week.

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  • I would say that it is Implantation bleeding when the baby settles in the uterus lining. Hope that this helps.

yes it is it called Implantation bleeding I got it but got my period 2 weeks later but they have got into a weird pattern I got implantation bleeding in may the 2nd now its September and I'm a day late . Some women have a period while pregnant which i hope is happening to me lol anyway good luck!!

2015-07-16 18:08:36
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woah- why the hell would wikiuser evntually ask questions 'bout pregnancy??

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Could a somewhat thick milky white discharge be a symptom of pregnancy when the discharge isn't foul?

Some women have a harmless, physiologic (normal) discharge early in pregnancy. At the point when you'd expect to notice this, your pregnancy test would be positive.

You are pregnant you had blood discharge what should you do?

I would go to the emergency room ASAP. You should be very careful during your pregnancy. Bleeding from your vagina during pregnancy could be a sign/symptom of some major problems. Go to the ER.

Is a thick white discharge a sign of pregnancy?

No it is not usually a sign of pregnancy but a sign of some other condition or problem. Generally thick white discharge is associated with a yeast infection but can also be a symptom of an STD. Consult a physician for a better opinion.

Is tissue discharge normal during pregnancy?

is it normal to have some discharge tissue during pregnancy

Is low blood sugar a symptom of pregnancy?

Low blood sugar is not a routine symptom of pregnancy. If you suspect you have low blood sugar, see your doctor immediately, because this could be a complication of pregnancy known as gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is treatable and does not mean you have diabetes for life--it is a pregnancy induced condition. Most doctors and midwives will have you do an oral glucose challenge test at some point, which screens for this condition.

Do you have to experience breast soreness as a pregnancy sign?

No. Some women don't experience any symptom at all. No symptom as the be there to be pregnancy, but tender breats and sore nipples are a common symptom of pregnany.

Will vaginal becomes some how loose after missed period is that a pregnancy symptom?

This is not a symptoms of pregnancy.

I am pregnant and have blood like discharge. is it normal?

Yes! some people get periods and a bloody discharge(spotting) during pregnancy! Congratulations on bringing a new life in this world!

Do you have less discharge when pregnant?

Usually, discharge increases during pregnancy but some women do experience less discharge.

You are 8 months pregnant and you have some spotting of blood what should you do?

Call your doctor or go to the emergency room. Bleeding during pregnancy could be a sign/symptom of some major problems.

Can chronic dry throat be an early symptom of pregnancy?

That sounds more like a symptom of hay fever or some other allergy.

Is brown slimy discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Brown discharge is usually a indication of blood in the discharge. If you had sex around 8-14 days ago then this could be implantation bleeding. If your due a period in the next few days it could be pre-period discharge. If your itching and the discharge smell it is a yeast infection which you need some fungal cream for.

Can thrush be a pregnancy symptom?

Thrush is not a common pregnancy symptom, but it can occur in some women during pregnancy due to the chemical and hormone changes in their bodies.Thrush is also a symptom of:Uncontrolled diabetesHIV infectionCancerWeak immune systemSide effect of antibioticsYeast infectionThrush by itself is not evidence of pregnancy. See a doctor if you're concerned.

Is bloody urination a symptom of pregnancy after the 10th day of intercourse?

hi there it could be a sign of cystitis diabitis or a kidney infection some woman only have blood in there urine when they have a water infection

You saw some brown spotting on day 25 of your cycle and then you had some thick white discharge the next daycould this be pregnancy?

I am in the same boat. I had some brownish discharge yesterday and today morning, but this evening noticed a white discharge.

Can trouble breathing be a symptom of pregnancy?

Trouble breathing is not a typical sign of pregnancy, however some people experience this as a result of an increase in progesterone levels.

Is vomiting always symptom for early pregnancy?

Early pregnancy symptoms can include vomiting, not all women will experience this. Others are fine, some may feel some nausea. Each is different and no one pregnancy is the same.

Can you have brown discharge and still have a healthy pregnancy?

You need to see the doctor about this. You can still be treated during pregnancy and there is no reason it would harm the baby if you had some kind of infection. It may also be blood stained, but you are best to go to the dr. Good luck

If i have Positive pregnancy test but have cramps and when i wipe slight pinkish discharge?

Some light cramping can be normal along with some light pink or brown discharge with a pregnancy. But it's best to check with your OB/GYN for a more accurate answer for your exact situation.

Earlier symptom of pregnancy?

Nausea is the most commonly KNOWN symptom but some of mine have included, slight pains (Similar to a period but no blood) Urinating a lot. sometimes Sudden craving especially if it's not something you usually eat. (This wont last during early pregnancy just your bodys way of letting you know) A feeling like a butterfly in your tummy. Vivid dreams.

Do you feel sick to your stomach when your pregnant?

You can. It is called Morning Sickness and some women have it and some don't. It is considered a common symptom of pregnancy.

What are the symptoms in the first month of pregnancy?

There are many pregnancy symptoms that could affect you. Some women never get a single symptom, while other get every symptom known to man. Some of the most common early pregnancy symptoms are headache, morning sickness, bloating, breast tenderness, and of course, a missed period, since you're talking about the first month.

Can period blood look like discharge in a way cause mine does when i wipe its like there loads of it like jelly flat discharge but like blood some?


Is spotting blood normal on your 4 month of pregnancy?

4 month of pregnancy blood come out it is normal or some serious problem

After not taking you depo shot can you have some yellowish-brownish discharge?

Yes after the due date I had brown blood discharge.