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Sometimes tornadoes are called tornadoes, though it is technically incorrect to do so.

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What country calls a cyclone a tornado?

No country really calls a cyclone a tornado. Some parts of the U.S. a tornado a cyclone, though a tornado and a cyclone are two different things. In the U.S. however a strong tropical cyclone is called a hurricane.

Is there another name for tornado?

Tornadoes are often called twisters. Some will also call them cyclone, though this is not quite correct, as the term cyclone refers to something different.

What are some tornado nicknames?

Tornadoes are often called twisters. Some people will also call them cyclones, but this is not quite correct as a cyclone is a different type of weather pattern.

What is another name for a twister?

Tornado, which is the preferred scientific term Some people call tornadoes cyclones, though this is technically incorrect, as a cyclone is a different type of storm. A tornado on water is called a waterspout.

What is another name for a tornado?

Tornadoes are often called twisters or funnels. Some people call tornadoes cyclones, but this is incorrect terminology as a cyclone is technically a much larger type of weather event than a tornado.

Is a land cyclone another name for a tornado?

No. Although some people refer to tornadoes as cyclones this is incorrect. A cyclone is a large scale low pressure system A tornado is a small scale circulation spawned from a thunderstorm. However, there is one type of tornado known as a landspout.

Are cyclones faster than tornadoes?

It depends on the cyclone, and the tornado. In some cases cyclone winds and tornado winds fall into the same range. However, tornado winds are generally stronger. By definition, a tornado must produce winds strong enough to cause damage; the same is not true of a cyclone. The very strongest tornadoes produce winds in excess of 300 mph, the fastest winds on earth.

What is the smallest hurricane typhoon tornado tropical cyclone?

A tornado is by far the the smallest. The average tornado is 50 yards (150 feet) wide some tornadoes are under 10 yards (30 feet ) wide. The wides tornado ever recorded was 2.5 miles wide. Hurricanes and typhoons are essentially the same thing, the only difference is where they occur. Both are strong tropical cyclones with winds of at least 74 mph. The smallest tropical cyclone recorded was 60 miles wide, more than 20 times bigger than the largest tornado. The largest tropical cyclone recorded was 1350 miles wide.

What would happen if a cyclone and a tornado collide?

A tornado and a cyclone cannot collide as they work on entirely different orders of magnitude. A cyclone is is its own large-scale self-sustaining weather system. A tornado is a small-scale vortex that is part of a parent thunderstorm, which is itself usually part of a larger storm system. Most tornadoes form from storms that develop along the fronts connected to a mid-latitude cyclone, and some are produced in theouter storm bands of tropical cyclones. When two cyclones collide, they merge into one.

Can a tornado produce into another tornado?

Yes. In some cases a large, strong tornado will produce what is called a satellite tornado, which circles the main one.

Is a tornado called a funnel cloud in the ocean?

No. A tornado on the ocean or some other body of water is called a waterspout. A funnel cloud is a tornado that has not yet touched down.

Is Tennessee a state in tornado valley?

No. Tennessee is east of Tornado Alley. Some put it in another tornado forming region called "Dixie Alley."

Why are SOME tornadoes called twisters?

Any tornado can be called a twister, not just some. Tornadoes are called twisters because they spin.

What is tornado made from?

a tornado is made from a spinning funnel cloud similar to a hurricane. some times tornadoes can happen even without rain! dust devils,& waterspoutsare similar to a tornado

What is the meaning of weather disturbance?

Weather disturbances are energy pulses moving through the atmosphere. Some types of weather disturbance, such as a tropical cyclone, tornado, hurricane, and a severe storm.

What do you call a tornado at sea?

A tornado on water is called a waterspout, not a hurricanes as some might say, which as a completely different type of event.

What is a tornado that does not touch the ground called?

A tornado that doesn't touch the ground isn't a tornado; it is a funnel cloud. However if the funnel is pulling debris off the ground or making some other type of contact with the ground it is a tornado.

What is the difference between typhoons cyclones and tornadoes?

Cyclone is a generic term for a large scale low pressure area with a defined circulation.They can produce stormy weather but are not necessarily violent or severe. A typhoon is a kind of violent cyclone, defined as a tropical cyclone with sustained winds of at least 74 mph occurring in the western Pacific Ocean north of the equator. A tornado is not a cyclone, though has some similar traits such as low pressure and cyclonic rotation. A tornado is defined as a violently rotating column of air extending from the base of a thunderstorm to the ground. Tornadoes occur on a much smaller scale than cyclone, rarely exceeding a mile in width, and are generally more intense.

What is a tornado called when it is wet?

Most tornadoes contain moisture and are in fact made visible at least in part, by condensation. These are simply typical tornadoes. Some tornadoes are surrounded by heavy rain that falls even right where the tornado is. This is often called a rain wrapped tornado. A tornado that occurs on a body of water such as a lake or the ocean is called a waterspout.

Can tornadoes become one big tornado?

Yes. Some twisters have touched down and joined together to create a big tornado.edit: when tornadoes form like that its called a multivotex tornado

What part of Kentucky is tornado ally in?

Kentucky is not in Tornado Alley, it is too far east. However, some consider Kentucky to be part of a different tornado forming region called "Dixie Alley."

How are a cyclone typhoon tornado and hurricane similar?

A hurricane and a typhoon are really the same thing, only occurring in different regions. Both are tropical cyclones with sustained winds of at least 74 mph. They are called hurricanes in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific ocean north of the equator, while they are called typhoons in the western Pacific north of the equator. They are a subtype of cyclone. A cyclone is a large-scale low pressure system with a circulation of air that blows counterclockwise if it is in the northern hemisphere, and clockwise if it is in the southern. This is called cyclonic rotation. Most cyclones are not as severe as hurricanes or typhoons. Like a cyclone, a tornado produces low pressure and, in most cases, cyclonically rotating winds, though in very rate cases a tornado can have anticyclonic rotation, meaning it spins in the opposite direction. Like hurricanes, typhoons, and some other cyclones tornadoes produce powerful, often destructive winds. However tornadoes are not cyclones because they are small-scale circulations rather than large-scale storm systems. A typical tornado lasts a few minutes and very few last over an hour. Cyclones usually last for days.

Is a tornado similar to a cyclone?

In some ways yes. Both cyclones and tornadoes have low pressure centers and winds that rotate counterclockwise if in the northern hemisphere and clockwise if in the southern (a small percentage of tornadoes are an exception to this). However, there are key differences as well. Most notably, a cyclone is a large scale circulation that forms its own weather system while a tornado is dependent on a parent thunderstorm and is considered small by weather standards.

What do you call a tornado that occurs under water?

There is no such thing. A vortex that develops in water and may bear some visual resemblance to a tornado is called a whirlpool.

What are some describing words for a tornado?

Some describing words for a tornado are: 1.) Disastrous 2.) Fierce 3.) Destructive 4.) Scary 5.) Big Here are some examples: That was a disastrous tornado. That was a fierce tornado. That was a destructive tornado. That was a scary tornado. That was a big tornado. <---- These were all some examples of adjectives for the word "tornado". There are many more that you could use.

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