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It depends which part of the world you are in. When discussing animal (or plant) species exotic means foreign (non-native to the area, introduced by humans). If you are in the toucan's natural range (in the neotropics) then no, otherwise yes.

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What exotic bird has 6 letters in it's name?

TOUCAN I think a toucan is a exotic bird.

What is an example of an exotic animal?

An exotic animal is a species living outside its native distributional range, which has arrived there by human activity, either deliberately or accidental. Also known as an indigenous animal, or not being native. The Red Panda, Toucan, Gila Monster, Etc. are Examples of exotic animals.

Whats a toucan?

An exotic bird with a colorful beak.

Is a toucan an Australian animal?

No, the toucan is not an Australian animal. The toucan is native to the Neotropic ecozone which is basically South America.

Definition for exotic animal?

An exotic animal is a rare or unusual animal kept as a pet.

What rainforest animal starts with K?

Toucan are rainforest animals. The Keel Billed Toucan is a toucan species that is a rainforest animal. They are found in the rainforests of Venezuela and Columbia.

Is a toucan a cold blooded animal?

A toucan is a warm-blooded bird.

What kind of an animal is a toucan?

a bird

What is the country animal of Brazil?


Is a toucan a animal?

Toucans are birds.

Can you keep exotic animals?

It depends which exotic animal you want. An example of an exotic animal you can keep is a sugar glider. As long as the exotic pet you want is legal in your state you can usually get it.

What are some exotic animals?

Tiger, lion, liger, toucan, rhesus monkey, okapi, nile crocadile.

What kind of animal is a tucan?

a Toucan is a bird.

What animal lives in a tropical island?

A Toucan does.

What animal is mistaken for a penguin?

the toucan or zebra ;)

What is meant by the term exotic animal?

It really depends. Some classify an exotic animal as an animal not native to the state or area you are located, so that would make any animal not normally found in your area exotic. However most people classify an exotic animal as an animal that is normally in zoos, such as big cats, primates, elephants etc.

Is a exotic species a plant or animal that has an unusual life cycle?

An exotic species is an animal that has an unusual life cycle.

What is an exotic pet?

Technically an exotic is an animal kept as a pet that is not native to the country you live in. It is also an animal that most would consider a wild animal.

What is an exotic species?

An exotic species is a kind of animal from a far away place.

What kind of animal is a toucan?

Im not telling use :)

What animal kingdom does the toucan bird belong to?


Is an orrick an exotic animal?

Check spelling that is not an animal name

Where can you get a exotic animal licence?

the government

Average salary for an exotic animal veterinarian?

The average salary for an exotic animal veterinarian is about 55,000 per year, depending on the person's background.

Is the toucan a wild animal?

yes it is it lives in the rain forest