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If you can demonstrate that the tow company used the wrong tow equipment or attached in incorrectly, then the towing company may be liable for any damages your vehicle received. Take pictures, find out what kind of tow truck was used and get an opinion from an objective tow company. If it turns out they were wrong, you can sue them for damages.

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What happens if an insured automobile hits uninsured automobile?

the uninsured automobile owner rhas to pay out of pocket for the damage

What happens if an insured automobile hits a uninsured automobile?

If you are at fault, you are responsible for the damage and your insurance company would pay. If the person was injured, some states pay only the medical costs, not pain and suffering.

Does homeowner's insurance cover damage to an automobile due to a hurricane that was in an attached garage at the time the damage was incurred?

No. Automobiles can only be covered by automobile policies. //

What automobile insurance covers property damage?

A. supplementao

Which insurance policy covers hail damage to an automobile?


What coverage included in an automobile policy covers property damage?


Will bleach damage the rubber on automobile tires?

No, it's not strong enough.

Which scale measures the amount of damage after an earthquake?

The scale that measures the amount of damage after an earthquake is the Modified Mercalli intensity scale.

What is tangible evidence in a auto accident?

damage to automobile and injured people involved.

When was Damage Control - company - created?

Damage Control - company - was created in 2004.

How do automobile insurance policies work?

Automobile insurance policies usually vary by region and country. In most countries, a standard automobile insurance policy works by covering third-party liabilities to your automobile, statutory accident benefits, and property damage compensation.

What describes collision coverage automobile insurance?

It covers the damage done to your car in an accident.

Does homeowner insurance cover damage from a tree falling on an automobile?

No. Comprehensive coverage on the auto does that.

Does homeowners insurance cover a vehicle if it got hailed on while on the property?

No. Homeowners Insurance does not cover Hail damage to an Automobile.Hail damage to an automobile is covered by the vehicles Auto insurance policy. Vehicles are not scheduled property on a homeowners policy.

Is a towing company at fault if they tow a RWD conversion Civic the way a FWD car should be towed?

Depends on the state/local laws pertaining to tow companies. The most common answer would be no, if the vehicle is not stock and has been modified then the towing company is not at fault for any damage incurred to include body damage from lowered/body-kitted cars.

What is the earthquakes that measured x on the modified mercalli scale would cause?

considerable damage

What is On modified scale a measurement of the amount of structural and geologic damage an earthquake causes?


Does home insurance cover damage to visitors car?

No, Home insurance does not provide coverage for automobiles, it does not matter who the automobile belongs too. That's what auto insurance is for. Damage to an automobile would be covered under the vehicle owners auto insurance policy.

How can you find out if someone has current automobile insurance?

You can't. That is private information between insurance companies and their clients. If someone has caused damage to your car you may have to get a lawyer and take them to court. If that person has insurance then their insurance company will defend their client and pay on their behalf if the court decides that they are liable for your damage.

How did Henry fords invention impact the world negatively?

Automobile emissions have had a big negative impact on our environment, and since Henry Ford made the automobile accessible to the average american there is probably no end to the damage that will be done by the invention of the automobile.

What is the legal definition of crime?

"crime is an act where there has been injury to another person or damage to property/public property/Damage to a highway or another's automobile.

Is liability automobile insurance the best cheap coverage?

It covers you if you hit someone for their damage only. It wont cover any damage to you and your own car.

What are some issues regarding genetically modified organisims and genetically modified foods?

Issue one: may damage to ecology. Issue two: controversy over the use

The coverage included in an automobile insurance policy that covers property damage is what insurance?

its liability insurance

Do cats feet damage automobile paint?

Yes, from the sand and dirt that sticks to the bottom of their feet.