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It is impossible to say which one is better. It all comes down to which one is played better or just personal preference. Trombone is a brass instrument and Flute is a a woodwind instrument, therefore neither are better.

i play the trombone so i think that the trombone is the sounds so much smoother and sweeter...the trombone is a lot bigger and would definitelly be a lot harder to carry it around.. If you can't carry it you deffinitly have someother problems. Trombones usually have the melody in most of the songs played as a band. i play the the Trombone..THE TRONBONE IS THE BEST

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Q: Is a trombone or flute better?
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Is the trombone easier then the flute?


Should a trombone be included in a woodwind quintet?

*Info* I'm in the 7th grade, and in a quintet with an oboe, french horn, clarinet (not bass), a trombone, and I play the bassoon. I've been looking for almost a week and have yet to find any music with our odd combination. Should I simply transcribe a flute to trombone, or replace the trombone with a flute? ==================================================== For a true woodwind quintet, you would need to omit both the trombone and the french horn. These are not woodwind instruments. But to answer your real question, (in my opinion) you would probably be better off ditching the trombone and bringing in a flute.

What are the differences between trombone and recorder?

A trombone is a brass instrument with a slide. A recorder is a woodwind instrument of the flute family.

What are the three components of Indian music?

bagpipe,flute and trombone

What are the family of wind instruments?

Flute, saxophone, trombone, clarinet,

Where can i find duet sheet music for flute and trombone not one for flute and one for trombone but a music for the two playing together?

you could try going to a music store, or searching on google for sheet music.AnswerTry Edward Troupin's "Discourse," transcribed for the flute by Howard Bass. I think that's about it. Okay, next question: WHY?I've written some music for flute and trombone which is available to buy on the internet. "Dreaming - duet for flute and trombone" can be found on piece written for flute and 'cello -"Andante in A minor" has also been successfully translated to the trombone. Other flute and trombone duets I've written include Give a Dog a 'Bone and Funny 'Bone. Get in touch if you want to commission a piece. Thanks for asking - Tim they have alot of that type of stuff... and its free

What instruments did John Quincy Adams play?

the saxophone, the flute, the trombone, and the clarinet

Name two musical instruments that you blow into?


What instrument did Ellen Taaffe Zwilich play?

She began her studies as a violinist and she has written works for trombone, bass trombone, flute, oboe, bassoon, horn and trumpet.

What is a c instrument?

Flute Oboe piano bell kit marimba xylophone Trombone and more

What is better trombone or trumpet?

It depends on your definition of better.

Type of instrument?

There are a wide variety of types of instruments. This includes the saxophone, the trombone, the flute, the clarinet, and the violin.

Where can you find duet sheet music for flute and trombone?

For sheet music, the best sites are NoteFlight and MuseScore.

What are the different types of musical instruments?

There's clarinet, oboe, saxophone, flute, drums (percussion), trombone, etc.

What is the highest to lowest in the instrument families?

In order it is the trumpet, frenchorn,trombone,tuba , flute,violin double bass

Can you include a trombone instead of a flute in a woodwind quintet?

Maybe, but then it wouldn't really be a woodwind quintet. A classic woodwind quintet includes flute, bassoon, clarinet, oboe, and French horn.

A band instrument that requires a player with a good set of lungs?

Tuba Trumpet Trombone Saxaphone Flute Bag Pipe

What are the examples of wind instruments?

(wood wind) Clarinet, sax, recorder, flute. (brass?) Trombone, trumpet, french horn.

Name a musical insrument you need both hands to play?

Guitar Piano Flute Violin Drums Trombone Trumpet

What musical instruments are used in high school musical?

Your basic band instrements.Examples:Flute,Clarinet,Piccolo,Recorder,Trombone,Trumpet,Saxophone,Mini Trombone,Drums,Snare DrumsEtc. Etc.

If a trombone player and a clarinet player get married what instrument will their child likely play?

hmmm... a trombone is brass, a clarinet is wood wind, so either flute or trumpet, either that or they grow up to be a FBI agent!

What has the author Donal R Michalsky written?

Donal R. Michalsky has written: 'Sonatina for flute and clarinet' -- subject(s): Sonatas (Clarinet and flute) 'Fantasia alla marcia' -- subject(s): Sextets (Horn, trombone, trumpets (2), tuba, percussion), Brass quintets (Horn, trombone, trumpets (2), tuba)

What are the different types of woodwind and brass instruments?

trumpet, french horn, baritone, saxophone, clarinet, flute, tuba, trombone ect.

Does the flute have a mute?

No, Flutes are musical instrunments./ Musical instruments have mutes. Like violin, trumpet, trombone, etc. But flutes, do not. -BJ

What are the instruments found in a wind ensemble?

Usually woodwinds (such as the clarinet, flute, saxophone, etc.) and brass instruments (trumpet, trombone, etc.)