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If your diesel came with one, put one back on. Turbos give the air volume need for your engine to run properly. If you don't want a turbo you will have to re-program your ECM, all your injectors times are set for a boosted engine.

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Q: Is a turbo timer needed for a stock diesel engine?
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Hello Where can I find a 12 volt timer the kind I can set for 5 minutes or so Similar to 120 volt timers that has a rotary spin dial like an egg timer timed battery charger etc Thank you Ken?

The closest I can think of is a headlight timer or a old style diesel shut down timer. The head light timer was available from aftermarket part stores. The diesel shut down timer I was buying from our local heavy truck parts supply shop.

What is the difference between a timer chain and a timer belt?

chain in inside the engine and the belt is outside

Yellow engine light comes on for my Honda Accord 2002?

I need to know if there is a yellow engine light or red engine light. Could it be timer chain or timer belt?

What is the timer count needed to create a time delay of 100 ms if the timer clock frequency is 1MHz?

100ms=.1 1Mhz=1000000 .100x1000000=100K timer count

Where are the glow plug timer relay on the opel corsa 1.7 diesel?

Next to the fuse box

What precautions should be taken if you own a diesel car with a turbo engine?

A turbo timer is always a safe bet on any turbo engine. It lets the engine idle after you remove the key and lock the doors. Doing this lets the engine oil cool the bearings in the turbo which will extend the live of the turbo. Also keeping your oil changed like is outlined in your owners manuel will help also.

How long do you leave an F250 diesel plugged in?

For cold weather? I use an appliance timer and 3 hours works good for me. Say you leave for work @ 6:00 set the timer to turn on @ 3:00.

How do you set timer on Yamaha 600 ATV 4 wheeler?

It all depends on what you call timer! Engine spark timing is factory set & only be adjusted by a professional. The other timer is either an egg timer or a stop watch. press to go, press to stop.

How do you blow your engine?

by driving like a nob or simply by carefully placing a c4 and a timer? :) and what exactly the reason in blowing your engine?

1997 f 350 7.3 turbo diesel hard to start?

glow plug timer is bad or the glow plugs them selves are bad

Why does a common rail Isuzu diesel turn over but won't start?

bad glow plugs or faulty glow plug timer module

How do you set timer on 1985 Celebrity 2.8?

Are you asking about the time on the radio or the spark timing on the engine?