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Yes a wisdom tooth that is coming out suppose to have skin on top of it. Before the wisdom tooth began to grow there was nothing but skin there. So in order for it to fully come in it breaks through the skin like any other tooth.


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Yes that is normal, that happened with me when my wisdom teeth were removed and it healed up on its own. If you don't play with it, it will settle down in a week or so.

it will get its tooth in to a smelly discovery. it will lose some af its "SKIN".it will rot the tooth.

I recently had a large wisdom tooth removed from the top left and I reckon maybe it makes my jaw look very slightly smaller.AnswerThe most common reason of wisdom teeth extraction is that the jawline is already too small for them to erupt.The removal of any permanent tooth will affect the structure of the face. After all, the structure under the skin and muscle is bone and teeth. The differences are subtle, but it does change.

AnswerIt could be related to your wisdom tooth coming in, but you also have lymph nodes in that area, too. If the lump has been there for several weeks and doesn't seem like a pimple or other minor skin irritation, I'd seek medical advice soon. Pain isn't always an indicator of a serious issue. It may turn out to be nothing at all, but it might give you peace of mind to hear it from a doctor. Another Answeri have the same problem but my dad wont take me to the doctor. the only difference is that sometimes mine will hurt alot.

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There are several possible complications that can arise from a tooth extraction. If the tooth was not extracted properly there may be small bit of the tooth left behind in the gum. A tooth extraction could also lead to an infection in the mouth, as when a tooth is extracted, there will be open skin for germs to enter,

Yes. The surgeon closes the wound with a suture that basically attaches the cheek skin to the gum tissue leading to your tongue. As you swell after surgery the stich starts to feel more tight and becomes more noticeable to you.

well, my sister has pink on the bottom of her tooth, were going the dentist to try and find out what it is but it may just be some skin/gum.

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Rub basil oil around the tooth and gum. Will also help if there is an infection. If there is skin irritation after, dilute with a little olive oil.

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