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Oh boy, women are a fickle lot aren't they. It's enough to send most strong men into a rubber room. She could be trying to act mysterious and keeping you on your toes. The question is, "Does she need to keep you on your toes?" She may have asked you because she suspects you are, or she's been hurt in the past by someone she loved cheating on her and she's not quite sure of you. The best way to get this settled is to ask her this question again, but this time tell her a relationship is suppose to mean communicating with each other and since she asked you the question "what is good for the goose is good for the gander." Good luck.


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No offense to whoever asked this question but this is the truth. You can keep cheating on him, or you can be a woman about it and tell him. If you are a woman tell him. You never know he may give you a second chance.

If your dating this girl then it must be for a reason. if you like her then there's no questions to be asked!! and thers nothing dangerous about dating a woman!!

she's a woman. even she doesn't know what she means. It mean's she is (probably) cheating on you.

Cheating is cheating . Man or woman or transgendered person in the middle of the proceedings, or natural-born hemaphrodite. I think that covers it.

To tell if a woman is cheating there are various methods. If you do not feel like she likes you anymore and does not confront you. It might be the case that she is cheating on you.

Often that can be judged from the questions that are asked by him. are they related to her interests or his alone.

An individual does not have to have a sexual relationship physically to cheat and yes, sexually suggestive texting another woman is cheating.

ANSWER: I'm afraid not, woman are different when it comes to how you can catch your woman cheating, its different from man in general

Cheating is cheating, and I think a spouse is hurt whether the cheating is with a man or a woman.

If she cringes at your touch or blows off your attempts at intimacy she could be cheating.

well, yeah it's the worst kind of cheating

a woman who murders her cheating lover

Then, He's SCREWED! Have fun. (***)

i really dont know if he is cheating on her she is a pretty woman for somebody to be cheating on her he is wrong

Legally, merely kissing is not considered adultery, so in that limited sense it's not cheating. Practically and morally, you are cheating. Is it not a violation of trust? Or is your sife okay with you and another woman in a liplock?

Yes, just because its gay doesn't mean its not cheating

there was no engagement in 1950. they simply got married not questions asked. it was veery rare for a woman to decline a mans asking of marriage.

"Cheating" in a marriage is the informal term for being unfaithful to your marriage vows. Having extra marital sex is an act of being unfaithful.

If you do nothing for her and she walks in the door always smilin

Cheating is cheating no matter if the woman is married or single. The only difference is the man involved feels he can have a wild affair with a married woman without commitment because she will most likely stay with her spouse and the man cheating will stay with his spouse, but if he should have an affair with a single woman she may want him to leave his wife and commit to her.

If your woman is not afraid to take calls near you and is always home in time, then chances are high that she is not cheating.

'Woman, Woman' by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.

ANSWER: I don't think so, not because a woman or your wife feels dry during intercourse, it doesn't mean she is cheating on you. This kind of problem is natural for some woman especially when we get older. Nothing is suspicious when it comes to a woman being dry..

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