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A Yeti is real. I know this because I am a yeti watcher.

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โˆ™ 2010-02-16 21:09:37
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Q: Is a yeti real
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Is Bigfoot and yeti are real?

Yes, they are real, there have been reported citings of bigfoot and yeti

Are yeti real?

Yes, yeties are said to be real but a far more interesting creature is the Jackie Pitts. It is a very rare animal and has only been seen a few times. It is said to be very hard to look at due to its grotesk face, which is covered in slime and has the strangest hair you will ever see ( three colors!) The Jackie Pitts has black blood and eats humans ( her favorite is people named Gabe). She has many forms which include a bat and a goldfish so she can be very hard to find. So beware the Jackie Pitts!!!!!!

Bigfoot and yeti ect are real?

they are real

Is the yeti not real?


Is a yeti is a real animal?

No. its not the yeti is a human-like creature it kills

Is the yeti real?

There is no evidence to suggest the Yeti is real. It is generally regarded the same way a sasquatch or bigfoot

Is Yeti real?

No one has proven it to be true, but no one can prove there isn't a yeti.But I'm sure he is real.

How do you prove the yeti is real in poptropica?

it isn't real...............

Is Yeti crab real?

The yeti crab or yeti lobster is a real animal its scientific name is Kiwa Hirsuta. It was first discovered in 2005 in the South pacific ocean. It's actually more commonly known as yeti lobster.

Does yeti exist?

It is unknown whether Yeti's are real or not. There are 'sightings' but they are not confirmed to be a real Yeti. Even if there was/is, it would probably just be an over-sized monkey with white fur, or a mountain gorilla of such.

Are Antarctic Yeti like creatures real?

Usally many people say that yeti live on snowy mountains but it 's not real

Where will you find real evidence that a yeti is real?

Real evidence that a yeti is real might be found in places that it is said to inhabit. One of the places is in the Himalayan Mountains in the country of Tibet.

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