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Yes, both have Pseudophedrine as one of the active ingredients, so you will be taking more of it than recommended if you combine both.

The regular Zyrtec is just 10mg of Cetirizine. That should be OK to take with the advil cold and sinus but I would check with a doctor or pharmacist on the D versions of Claritin or Zyrtec with it.

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Q: Is advil cold and sinus and Zyrtec d the same kind of medicine?
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Can you mix Advil cold and sinus and Zyrtec?

I do not the it is best to mix drugs with out a doctors order.

Where can one purchase Advil Cold and Sinus?

There are many places where one could purchase Advil Cold and Sinus. The best places to purchase Advil Cold and Sinus would be places like CVS and Walgreens.

Is Advil cold and sinus a type of aspirin?

No. Advil is ibuprofen.

Can you mix advil cold and sinus with neoCitran?

Can you mix tylenol cold and sinus with NeoCitran

Can you take Advil cold and sinus with amoxicillin?

Yes u can. My mother had an infection and gets very bad sinus headaches and is taking the amoxicillin with advil cold and sinus.

Can you take Advil cold and sinus if you took NyQuil?


Can you take advil cold and sinus with Prednisone?


Can you take advil cold and sinus with xanax?

Yes you can. Don't worry about it.

Can you take advil cold and sinus and Aleve at the same time?

aleve is for pain and advil cold and sinus is for well, colds and sinuses. i don't think it's a good idea to take both of these medications. i have taken advil cold and sinus and it works for my sinus pressure and pain, so i don't need any other medications. i think you should ask your doctor or pharmacist to make sure as I'm not a doctor. advil cold and sinus works so well on my husband, he keeps it in stock. he swears by it.

Can you take Tylenol sinus with Ibuprofen?

Answering "Can you take Tylenol sinus with ibuprofen?"Answering "Can you take Tylenol sinus with ibuprofen?"Yes, infact Ibuprofen and pseudoephedrine (the medical ingredient in Tylenol sinus) are often used together in medicine such as Advil cold & sinus, Children's Motrin, and others.

Can you take Concerta with Advil Cold and Sinus?

The pseudoephedrine in Advil Cold and Sinus may increase risk of cardiovascular and stimulatory effects. It is always best to ask your pharmacist or doctor about medications that may interact.

What does alive and Advil cold and sinus have in common that one has allege reaction?


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