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Generally yes. Few large commercial airplanes travel under 10,000 feet where you need oxygen or pressurization.

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What is the barometric pressure within the hold of a typical commercial aircraft?

Except in special aircraft, the hold of an aircraft is usually not pressurized, and the pressure is the same as the atmospheric pressure outside the aircraft The passenger compartment, as I recall, is usually pressurized to about 6 to 8 thousand feet.

What altitude are commercial airplanes pressurized to?

The highest altitude is 8,000 ft. But depending on the aircraft, it is usually pressurized to around 6,500 to 7,000 ft.

Why are airplaines pressurized?

Because the pilots, staff and passengers would pass out from lack of oxygen at the altitudes that aircraft fly best. Aircraft cabins are usually pressurized to 8,000 feet altitude equivalent. This also reduces passenger inner-ear discomfort.

Why are airplane cabins pressurized?

Airplane cabins are pressurized because humans cannot breath at a very high elevation.Aircraft are pressurized to allow them to fly higher. Without pressurization, the amount of oxygen in the air would not be sufficient for humans to breathe.

Is the sentence delivers cargoes is correct?

No, that is not a correct sentence. It has no subject.The term 'delivers cargoes' is a predicate made up of a verb and a direct object (the plural noun 'cargoes').The subject of the verb 'delivers' must be a third person, singular noun or pronoun; for example:That ship delivers cargoes.My brother delivers cargoes.It delivers cargoes.He delivers cargoes.

What is the cabin pressure in a aircraft during ceiling altitude of flight?

Air craft cabin is fully pressurized.

What rhymes with cargoes?

Who knows what's in your cargoes could be a rose or a bag of elbows why write in prose when you can rhyme with cargoes

What type of aircraft is SW3?

The SW-3 refers to the Swearingen Merlin (also called the Fairchild Aerospace Merlin). It is a pressurized turboprop twin engine business aircraft.

If aircraft fly in space why not aeroplanes?

Only specialized aircraft fly in space - airplanes are not pressurized or shielded the way rockets and the space shuttle are, so they can't go into space.

What sentence has cargoes included?

Cargoes are goods carried from one place to another. Here are some sentences.The ships delivered their cargoes to the port.Cargoes carried by freight train can range from solids to liquids.Many trucks must have their cargoes weighed to be sure they are not overloaded.

Why the aircraft is pressurised?

At 35,000 feet, a human would suffer severe oxygen starvation without a pressurized cabin. Also known as "death". A pressurized cabin in a commercial - or military - airliner is essential at high altitude.

How do you use cargoes in a sentence?

We will be carrying several types of cargoes on the freighter, on this trip.

Why do passenger aircraft have pressurized cabins?

To allow passengers to breathe sufficient oxygen, needed to survive, even in high altitudes.

Can you make a sentence for cargoes?

Trucks deliver many types of cargoes across America.

How is the word cargoes used in a sentence?

Ships bring exotic cargoes of spices from the Far East.

Why is an airplane cabin air pressurized?

At altitudes above 10,000 feet there is not enough air for humans to breathe. Aircraft cabins are pressurized so the pressure is equal to that at about 7,000 feet. Commercial airliners fly at altitudes up to 40,000 feet.

What are the ratings and certificates for Forbidden Cargoes - 1925?

Forbidden Cargoes - 1925 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

What are the release dates for Human Cargoes - 1916?

Human Cargoes - 1916 was released on: USA: February 1916

What is the air pressure in an aircraft?

While the pressure outside the aircraft is very low, cabin pressurization allows pilots to pressurize the aircraft cabin to about 11.5 psi. They try to keep the cabin pressurized to make it seem like the air at around 7,000 feet. That's why your ears pop.

Why are aircraft cabins pressurized?

For two reasons: 1. To make the air breathable and comfortable. 2. In conjunction with the above, to keep the temperature at a safe level.

What vehicles can go to the ozone layer?

Most pressurized aircraft, and weather balloons can go that high. The aircraft will damage the ozone as they fly in it. Rockets and high altitude weather balloons can go above it. The rockets will damage the ozone as they are near it.

How do you breathe in an airplane?

Modern aircrafts are pressurized so that people can breathe onboard. It would be better for the structure and the aircraft if it was not pressurized, that way there would be no stress on the material. However, the aircraft needs to be pressurized, for people to breath. Normal pressure on earth is around 14,7 PSI (ISA Standard) or 1 Bar (ISA Standard). Aircrafts are pressurized to a height of 8,000 ft. Sensors are installed to determine if the cabin altitude exceeds 10,000 ft. At this point the crew will be warned, and if the altitude should increase to more than 14,000 ft the oxygen masks will automaticly deploy. Humidity in the air is created by recirculation of the air in the cabin.

What were the allies greatest achievements in World War 2?

The B-29 Superfortress (pressurized cabins and nuclear capability), Fleet Aircraft Carriers, and Atomic Weapons.

What is a pluarl for cargo?

cargoes or cargos

Can you open a door in the air of a 747?

yes you can. but i can't advise it. since an aircraft is a pressurized vessel. you will get explosive decompression, this can be EXTREMELY dangerous, and can result in the plane going down.