Is airsoft grenades allowed in Canada?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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NO! I'm sorry

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Q: Is airsoft grenades allowed in Canada?
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Where to get airsoft gernades?

you can get airsoft grenades on certain websites. never at a retail store or something of the sort. airsoft grenades is in the midst of a heavy amount of research at the moment. don't count on finding a call of duty airsoft grenade. but you can try.

Where can you buy airsoft ammo?

Just about any major airsoft retail store. my top picks are airsoft gi and evike but just about any other airsoft website will stock them (unless of course you want tlsfx pyrotechnic grenades, they mainly sell those in GB). Just go on the websites and search "airsoft grenades".

If your not allowed to buy fully colored airsoft guns in Canada why does airsoft Canada show VSR-10 TM clone fully colored and an l96 fully colored for sale?

Because color ads attract attention.

Does academy have airsoft grenades?

No. Most are only available online and are for use with grenade launchers.

Is it legal to own a vulcan airsoft in Canada?

Yes, airsoft guns are legal in Canada.

Are air soft grenades reusable?

No because they have run out of fuse or power. However, ther are some highly expensive airsoft grenades that cost like $250 and are reusable.

Are there any laws against owning certain airsoft guns in Canada?

yes you are only allowed to use the ones that are see through

What is the thing that goes in a airsoft grenade launcher called?

The cartridge is called a grenades, usually 40mm or 32mm.

Where can you get airsoft guns in Canada?

JC Surveillance will ship all Airsoft Guns to Canada. Also Chigun Hobbies.

Why aren't revolver airsoft guns allowed in Michigan?

They are allowed.

Does hobbytron ship airsoft to Canada?


Are air riffles alowwed in airsoft?

No; their ammunition is too big and dangerous to be shot at people. Only airsoft guns are allowed in airsoft.