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Is alcohol bad for dogs?

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Yes, it is. The properties contained within alcohol of any type do not breakdown the same in a dog, or most animals like in humans. Not only will it make them ill, they will become disoriented and as a defense may do something they normally would not, like bite, because they do not understand what is going on. Err on the side of caution and do not give any alcohol to your animals. There are some human animals that shouldn't consume it, either.


yes! Alcohol is bad for every thing. If your animal does not feel good, take it to the doctor. other wise it might get worse! Alcohol is never the answer, especially for animals, they will just get sick!

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Is it bad to give your dog vodka?

Yes. Dogs cannot metabolise alcohol.

Is champagne bad for dogs?

Yes. Alcohol in any form depresses the nervous system in dogs. Even a relatively small amount can result in tissue damage or death.

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Alcohol is bad if abused. A little would be alright.

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