Is aluminium stronger than steel?

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Nope, to check this answer, do an experiment: hammer a piece of aluminum foil. You will see that it creases easily wheres steel cannot be broken down easily.

However, aluminum is also more light-weight than steel. Aluminum is cheaper to manufacture, easier to bend as needed into a variety of shapes, can be shipped more easily (less weight=less cost), and makes many items lighter in weight (cars, airplanes, etc.)

The one big drawback is that cars used to have steel bumpers. Since most are now steel or plastic, and bumpers are often the first to make contact with another car or object, the bumper is less sturdy now than when it was steel.
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Why is thick steel wire stronger than thin steel wire?

Answer . The material will yield when stress reaches a critical value. . Stress = Load / Area . Thick steel wire is stronger than thin steel wire because there is more cross sectional area in the thick wire. Although the material's strength in load per unit area would be the same, the ultimat ( Full Answer )

Is alloy steel stronger than carbon steel?

It depends on what type of alloy steel you are referring to. Alloy steels such as Cpm D2 would generally be "stronger" then plain carbon steels.

Is bamboo stronger than steel?

Bamboo has greater tensile strength (or resistance to being pulled apart) than steel, and it withstands compression better than concrete. However, untreated bamboo will swell from water absorption, significantly lowering its effectiveness. Bamboo's tensile strength is roughly 28,000 per square inch ( Full Answer )

Is a diamond stronger than steel?

Yes. Actually... a diamond is NOT 'stronger' than steel. A diamond is 'harder' than steel, but it is not stronger.

What is stronger that steel?

Kevlar "buckypaper" is stronger than steel at a fraction of the weight Buckypaper is made from carbon nanotubes-amazingly strong fibers about 1/50,000th the diameter of a human hair that were first developed in the early 1990s. Buckypaper owes its name to Buckminsterfullerene, or Carbon 60-a type ( Full Answer )

Is steel stronger than titanium?

By:Venom751998: By strength-to-weight ratio NO. Steel and titanium both have about the same overall strength, but titanium is about 45% lighter than steel. However, it might be more expensive. If you can, check out carbon fiber. It is known to be 5x stronger than steel and 2x as stiff. By: venom7519 ( Full Answer )

Why is steel stronger than iron?

Steel is made mostly of iron, but also contains other elements such as carbon so it is stronger than iron. By combining metals in what is called an alloy (a mixture of metals), the properties of the mixture is superior to the properties of the individual components.

Is carbon fiber stronger than steel?

Per Volume (if they both take the same space amount up): Carbon Fiber is actually 5x stronger than steel. It is also 2x more stiff. This material has a really, really, really strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it great for almost anything the requires high strength and low weigth. Also, it might ( Full Answer )

Is steel stronger than metal?

Steel is a metal. It is stronger than some types of metal and weaker than other types.

Is steel cheaper than aluminium?

The technological process to obtain aluminum is more difficult and expensive (more electrical energy is necessary).

Is metal stronger than steel?

Steel is a type alloy made from iron and carbon. You will NOT find steel on the periodic table, where metals are found. So what kind of metal your comparing strength cant really be determined.

Is brass stronger than steel?

No. Steel is a great deal stronger and harder- otherwise, swords would be made of brass.

Is Titanium stronger than Aluminium?

Yes, Titanium is actually 60% denser and 200% (2x) stronger than Aluminum. Titanium has the highest strength-weight ratio. This means that 1 kilogram of Titanium is stronger than Tungsten (one of the heaviest metals with the highest melting point) and tin (a lighter and weaker metal) each of 1 kilog ( Full Answer )

Is spider web stronger than steel?

Pound for pound (or rather, microgram for microgram) spider silk has a tensile strength higher than high-grade steel, and about the same as Kevlar (the material used to make bulletproof vests). The reason we can tear through a web is only because the individual strands are so thin. If enough fibers ( Full Answer )

Is high carbon steel stronger than tempered steel?

Tempered steel is not a classification of steel. It is a term used to indicate that the steel has undergone proper heat treatment in which case..yes, the steel that has been properly hardened and tempered would be stronger. This answer assumes that the high carbon steel is in its annealed state and ( Full Answer )

Is titanium stronger than stainless steel?

titanium is not stonger than stainless, however stainless is a tad bit harder because it is a three way alloy of steel,carbon,and chromium.

Is steel stronger than concrete?

I'm actually answering my own question but yes, by strength to weight ratio steel is way stronger than concrete.

Is tungsten stronger than stainless steel?

That depends on the type of stainless steel and the tungsten! Soft stainless steel is definitely softer than soft pure tungsten. However, tungsten is very brittle, so it is often alloyed with other metals, which make it less brittle but less strong. Some stainless steels are very strong indeed an ( Full Answer )

Are forged aluminium parts stronger than parts machined from a block of aluminium?

As forging degrades and then realigns the microscopic grain the the metal molecularly, forged parts tend to be stronger than machined or cast. When you cast metal, the molecular structure is relatively random, leading to ever so slightly weaker parts than forged. Another weakness of cast metal parts ( Full Answer )

Is fibreglass stronger than steel?

No fiberglass is not stronger than steel, the same way it can be the same way how u break glass but not that easy

Why is steel stronger than glass?

Steel is stronger because, its manufacturing process is different, & glass is more brittle material, whereas the steel can withstand shear, compression stresses, but glass will break in these cases.

Are nickel guitar strings stronger than steel?

I'd say their about the same in experience but steel wears down thefrets so if you want to keep the guitar forever and don't have alot of money stick to nickel.

Is steel stronger than bronze?

Steel is stronger than bronze , bronze was developed around 3500 BC and steel much latter, both are alloys.

Is Damascus steel stronger than 1095 carbin steel?

No. Original damascus was made in a attempt to make steel more homogeneous as steel used to be difficult to obtain. Modern damascus is done for cosmetic purposes and has no advantage over modern manufactured steels besides value.

Why is hollow steel pipe stronger than solid steel?

Most of the strength of a circular section comes from the outer diameter fibers where area and inertia are the highest. So a tube is more efficient than a solid in terms of strength to weight ratio. However, if you ignore the weight benefit of a tube, the solid steel is stronger of the same diameter ( Full Answer )

Is a bone stronger than steel?

Let's test that. *takes a power saw to your leg. power saw cuts through your leg* Good enough answer? ANS2: No. There is a blog thread that night interest you at the attached link. There you will find this quote: . For bone: Tensile strength: 62 - 105 MPa Compressive strength: 133 - 210 ( Full Answer )

Is iron stronger then aluminium?

No, aluminum is not stronger than iron, infact iron is stronger. We can also find it from the reactivity series table.

Is silk stronger than steel?

Proportionally, yes. If you were to have a strand of steel the same volume as a silk strand, it would be much less strong than the silk.

Why brass is stronger than steel?

Bras is not stronger, steel is one of the strongest metals on earth it is used in construction tungsten carbide is even stronger it takes a huge saw blade made of diamond tips to cut tungsten carbide and the procedure lasts many minutes

Is T10 folded steel blade stronger than non folded T10 steel?

The way I understand it is the process of folding the steel or pattern welding causes a laminated type steal blade that is more flexible than a solid blade of the same steel. When it is folded it is not molten together but bonded. If it was molten together it would not have the characteristics of a ( Full Answer )

Is high speed steel stronger than stainless steel?

You cannot have a general answer for this. The comparison in strength depends on the chemical composition or grade of each, as well as the heat treatment and quenching method each received.

What insect made material is stronger than steel?

Spider silk. The reason it seems so weak when you accidentally walk through a web is because it is so thin. If you could make spider silk thicker it would be stronger than a steel cable.

Are steel cooking pans cheaper than aluminium cooking pans?

Steel pans are actually more expensive as aluminum is one of thecheapest metal materials to use for cooking equipment. Steel is nottoo much more expensive as it isn't as preferred as its counterpartstainless steel.

Why is an aluminium alloy stronger?

Added alloying (Cu, Mg, Mn, Zn, Si, Zr etc.) metals have thespecial role to improve mechanical properties of aluminium.