Is amor a spanish word

Updated: 12/14/2022
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No, amore is not a Spanish word. The masculine singular noun instead serves as an Italian equivalent of "love." The pronunciation will be "a-MO-rey" for the Italian word and "a-MOR" for the Spanish equivalent, amor.

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yes, it can be Spanish or Portuguese. In French it's amour...they all mean Love.

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Q: Is amor a spanish word
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What does the Spanish word el amor mean in English?

Amor is the Spanish word for love. Amour is not Spanish.

What is a spanish word for love?


What is the meaning of 'amor' is it a Spanish word?

Yes, it is a Spanish word. It means "love".

A Spanish word that shows love and starts with A?


Spanish word for love?

its amor its pronounced umor

What would the Spanish to English translation of the word amor be?

The Spanish to English translation for the word amor would be the word "love". There are many similarities in the word love within numerous languages where the tone used during pronunciation is similar, due to the emphasis placed on such a word.

What does the Spanish phrase heridas de amor mean in English?

The English translation of the Spanish phrase "heridas de amor" would be "wounds of love". The word amor means love, whereas herida means wound. There is a Mexican telenovela that is called "Heridas de Amor".

What is 'Mi amor i' when translated from Spanish to English?

"My love and..." is an English equivalent of the incomplete Spanish phrase ¡Mi amor i...! The masculine singular phrase may be found preceding a name or word that begins with the letters Hi... or I... in Spanish, such as in Mi amor i Iván ("My love and Ivan"). The pronunciation will be "mee a-MO-ree..." in Uruguayan Spanish.

What is the Spanish translation for lots of love?

The Spanish translation for "lots of love" is "mucho amor" or "muchΓ­simo amor."

What does amor mean in spanish?


What does te amor Amos mean in spanish?

amor is love amos is not a word. I am from Spain I believe you're trying to ask what te amo mi amor means. It means I love you, my love.

What is Tu amor in English?

Tu amor is Spanish for: Your love