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Can you re-phrase this question? After the policy has been paid (to the beneficiary), there is no amount left.

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Q: Is amount left after policy is paid off paid to beneficiary at time of death of policy holder?
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What happens if beneficiary named on life insurance policy dies before the policy holder?

The policy holder has the choice to change the name of the beneficiary at any time, including after the death of a named beneficiary. If the policy holder doesn't change the name of the beneficiary after the beneficiaries death, depending on what state you live in it goes to next of kin.

Is the executor of a deceased beneficiary entitled to the Policy?

In case of demise of the life insurance policy holder, only the NOMINEE is the beneficiary to get the amount. In case nomination is not done, the legal heir of the deceased person can apply before the insurance authority for the death benefit.

Dispute on life insurance beneficiary?

In the event of eventuality of the policy holder, the beneficiary is the nominee to get the death benefit amount. When the nominee is a minor, the appointee will act on behalf of the nominee till he/she attains adulthood to be eligible to get benefit amount. When both the policy holder and nominee die, the life insurance company will pay to the legal heir, duly certified by the Honorable Court.

What happens if the beneficiary of a life insurance policy is deceased and there is no will?

In case of death of the policy holder, with beneficiary already deceased and there is no will, the Insurance Company will pay only to the Legal Heir of the Policy Holder. The death claim will be kept in abeyance till the legal heir proves his legal identity to the satisfaction of the Insurance Company.

Can an exwife be a beneficiary?

If the ex-wife is the nominated person of the policy holder, she will definitely get the death/maturity benefits, no doubt about it !

When is life insurance paid?

If you are the "insured" or the person that is listed on the life policy for whom the premium is being collected, your "benficiary" that is predetermined by you will be paid the amount of the policy upon your death. If you are a beneficiary, then you will receive the policy amount upon the death of the insured.

What is sum assured in health insurance?

Sum assured is the minimum amount payable by the insurance company in case of death of the policy holder. In such case the policy holder select the sum assured or coverage. Than it is mandatory for insurance companies to pay out this sum in case of the unfortunate death of the policy holder.

If the beneficiary of a life insurance died before the policy holder do you need a copy of the beneficiary death certificate?

Yes. If there is a contingent beneficiary, the insurance company will need proof that the primary predeceased the principal in order to pay the contingent beneficiary. If there was no contingent beneficiary named the insurance company will pay the proceeds to the principal's estate.

Are insurance companies notified of death of policy holder?

The only way they are notified is by the beneficiary filing a claim with a certified death certificate and claim forms. They have no secret power to know if someone dies.

How do you find a life insurance policy after the death of policy holder?


What is the difference between an annuitant and beneficary?

Annuitant is the original policy holder and receiver of benefits while beneficiary is the one legally authorized receiver of benefits in case of death of the annuitant.

If the beneficiary of a term life insurance does not know the benefit amount will the insurance tell you the amount of the policy?

== == == == The life insurance policy will state the face value ( death benefit ) of the policy. However, it may not state the amount that each beneficiary will receive as the number of beneficiaries may have changed since it was issued. Until a claim is paid, the beneficiaries will not know how much they'll receive.

How long before life insurance pays out after death?

Usually the payout happens within 2-4 weeks from the date of claim by the next of kin. When a policy holder dies, the nominee of the policy has to submit paper-work to the insurance company along with proof of relationship and death of the policy holder. Once everything is completed, money would reach the beneficiary in around 2 to 4 weeks.

There is no beneficiary on my mother's life insurance policy?

If no beneficiary is listed on a life insurance policy then the benefits are payable to the insured's estate. The beneficiary can be changed at any time prior to the death of the insured if this is the person's desire.

Who is the beneficiary in a life insurance contract?

The beneficiary is the person to receive the coverage amount when the person covered by the policy dies. In the first instance, the beneficiary is named by the applicant when application for the insurance policy is made. Unless the beneficiary designation is made irrevocable, the insured is free to change the beneficiary at any time until his/her death. Unless some provision of law or contract renders the designation of beneficiary irrevocable, the beneficiary does not have a right to remain as beneficiary and ordinarily cannot contest a subsequent change.

Can husband collect life insurance if wife dies unexpectedly?

If the husband was the named beneficiary of the policy, if the policy was in force at the time of death, and if the cause of death was not excluded by the policy, the general answer is "Yes". If the beneficiary was the estate of the wife, the proceeds are paid to the estate. Then, if the husband was a beneficiary of the estate (either by virtue of a Will naming him as beneficiary, or if no Will, through the laws of intestate succession), he may be entitled to all or a part of the insurance proceeds. If the beneficiary of the life insurance policy was someone other than the husband as of the time of the wife's death, proceeds are payable to that person.

What is the beneficiary position on a life insurance policy of someone who is dying?

The beneficiary position is that they will receive the proceeds of the life insurance policy after the death of the insured. Until the death they have no other "position". After the death they must file a claim by contacting the company and following their instructions.

Is accidental death benefit included in face amt of life ins policy?

With accidental death benefit coverage, the nominee is entitled to get further sum assured amount (SA x 2) in case of accidental death of the policy holder.

Does only the beneficiary have access to ones death life insurance policy?

NO. The beneficiary is only entitled to the death benefit proceeds when the insured dies. The owner of the life insurance policy controls the policy, the beneficiaries, any cash values, and is responsible for premium payments. The owner has the ultimate control of the life insurance policy and can change the beneficiary of the policy at any time...and does not need the beneficiary's permission to do this.

How do you get a death certificate for a Life Insurance policy that you are the beneficiary?

You would get that from the Medical Examiner that determined the cause of death.

As an owner of a life insurance policy can you change the beneficiary after the death of the insured?

Perhaps this question could be rephrased. The answer to the question as posed is: after the death of the insured, the policy becomes void, and the benefits payable. The simple answer is no, you as the owner can not change the beneficiary after the death of the insured (subject of insurance).

Who takes over a life insurance policy when the policy holder dies?

If the policyholder (policy owner) is also the insured, then no one does. The policy proceeds (assuming the policy is in force at the time of death) are paid according to the designated beneficiary(ies), and the contract ceases to exist. If the policyholder (owner) is not the insured, then the policy ownership would flow according to the owner's will.

Do all life insurance policies pay a death benefit due to a commercial airline accident?

Yes.If death occurs while flying as a passenger on a commercial airline, due to a crash, that passenger who has an active life insurance policy is considered insured, and his beneficiary will receive the face amount of the policy as a death benefit.If the policy includes an active accidental death rider, not only does the policy pay the face amount death benefit, but it is doubled.Death from a crash by a commercial airline is always considered accidental.

Is there a clause in a life insurance policy that pays for a home if the owner dies?

It would be possible to write an insurance policy that way if you wanted to, however, normally a life insurance policy pays a fixed amount of money (known as the death benefit) to a chosen beneficiary. If the beneficiary then wished to use that money to pay for a home, that could be done.

Can you discuss who a person's beneficiary is after their death without violating any HIPPA Laws?

Your question is kind of vague but basically if you are the owner or beneficiary of the policy the insurance company will discuss the beneficiary with you.