Is amway multi level marketing?

The previous answer was seriously outdated. Amway now operates in 102 countries, owns the world's largest (4x larger than it's nearest competitor) and most successful multivitamin company (Nutrilite). They also own the largest water purification company, cosmetics, household products, energy drink and energy bars and a wide range of other products to many to mention. Other international companies have also partnered with Amway to make their products available through this platform.

Due to technological advancements Amway has changed their business model from the old multilevel marketing system established in 1959 to something completely different. The new model still caters for individuals who like to do this kind of marketing, but also gives people other choices as to how they want to use this platform. Simply put Amway has become a Virtual Mall that offers individuals the opportunity to shop for their own household needs or develop a network of shoppers that also shop at the mall, for which the referring person will get commission based on the turnover of their groups shopping spend. This system of referrals is where the new business offer lies and has been beneficial to millions of Amway Business Owners around the world. Based on this new system I'm not sure Amway has any competitors. Except if you want to compare the products available on the platform. But the business opportunity it offers, I doubt it. I think they qualify more as a network marketing company now.

If you're looking for other financial options, Amway's new business model could just be the thing for you.