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Any breed of dog can be a good companion to another dog. However Greyhounds are used for running and they love it, so if your dog is into running I suggest you get another Greyhound. If your Greyhound is just a pet then even a small dog or cat would be a good companion. I always own two dogs to keep each other company. I have a white Bichon Frise female and a male Cockapoo 16 months old. They play all the time or just sleep together and I also have a 10 year old cat that thinks she's a dog and has fun with the dogs. They even sleep together!

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Q: Is an Italian Greyhound a good companion for another small dog for example a Boston Terrier?
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What is a cross between a greyhound and a terrier called?

You're probably thinking of a Lurcher, which is a cross between any sighthound and another breed, usually a terrier or herding dog.

What breed of dog does no moult?

There is actually no such thing as a dog that does not shed. All dogs shed at least a little hair at one time or another, as do humans. There are however dogs that shed little to no hair. This is a list of breeds that shed little to hardly any hair: Airedale Terrier Australian Terrier Basenji Bichon Frise Border Terrier Cairn Terrier Cockapoo Giant Schnauzer Italian Greyhound Miniature Poodle Miniature Schnauzer Standard Poodle Standard Schnauzer West Highland White Terrier

What is another name for companion animal?

Another name for a companion is a friend or a mate.

How many puppies can a greyhound have in its lifetime?

For as long as a greyhound lives, it can have pups with another dog. It will most likely have more pups with another greyhound!

How many breeds of greyhounds are there?

There is only one breed called Greyhound. However, there are multiple breeds that are also known as a type of Greyhound -- for example, the Saluki is also known as the Persian Greyhound. Italian Greyhounds are another breed that looks similar to a Greyhound but smaller, though they are not considered sighthounds and are instead a toy breed.

What is a terrier mix?

^(^.^)^ Well, A Terrier Mix is the Terrier (dog) mixed with another breed of Dog.

What is caught by greyhounds in a race?

thats when the greyhound was leading,but then another greyhound caught it

What is another word for whippet?


What is another name for the breed Scottish Terrier?

"Scottie Dog" and "Aberdeen Terrier"

Another name for a friend?


What is faster a whippet or a greyhound?

Well, a Whippet is a cross with a greyhound and another dog (commonly a terrier or a spaniel), so it depends on the strength of the other breeds. Although, greyhounds are taller and can run very fast but whippets are smaller and generally more stream lined! I'd say it's up to you but greyhounds are bred for racing!

What is another name for the yorkey?

Yorkshire Terrier

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