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Passive Hubs

These hubs are nothing more than point contacts for the wires that make up the physical network. An example of this would be a punchdown block that is a simple plastic, unpowered box used to plug network cables into it. Active Hubs

Active hubs are a little smarter than the passive hubs we saw. All You might also come across the term "concentrators" which are basically active hubs, concentrating and strengthening a signal as it enters and exits the hub.

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Q: Is an active or a passive hub better?
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What is the difference between active hub and passive hub?

A Passive Hub is just a connector. It connects the wires coming from different hubs. An active hub acts as a multiport repeater. Passive hub will not regenerate the signal but active hub will regenerate the signal ....... so active hub is better.

What are the types of hub?

there are three types of hub which are following: 1. Active Hub. 2. Passive Hub 3. Hybrid Hub

What is central hub called in star topology?

in star topology , the central hub is called...... (i) active hub (ii) passive hub (iii) inactive hub (iv) live hub

The manageable hub is also known as hub A. Active B. Intelligent C. Static D. Passive?

manageable Hub is known as Intelligent each port can be configured by Network According to the reqiurment Network.

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