Is an airplane a solid

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If you do it right, yes.

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Q: Is an airplane a solid
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Is a airplane solid?

Yes, airplanes are solid.

Is an airplane solid liquid or Gas gas?


Is an airplane a solid liquid or gas?


What is airplane solid liquid or gas?

An aeroplane is a solid: constructed mainly from light-weight aluminium.

How do you make the hardest paper airplane?

hardest as in most complicated? or as in most solid?

Why can't you go through the ground even if you jump out of an airplane?

because the ground is solid

Why airplane shake when passing through a mountain?

If an airplane passes through a mountain it will be tunnelling underground, probably as a result of having crashed. Anything passing through solid rock is going to be subject to an element of turbulence.

What part of the space shuttle is reused?

The orbiter, the airplane looking part, and the solid rocket boosters are reused. However, the SRBs (solid rocket boosters) have to be completely dismantled and almost totally rebuilt.

What was the name of the airplane in the movie Airplane?

The airplane in the movie Airplane is a Boeing 707

What size deodorant can you take on a airplane?

3 oz. or less can be brought on as a carry on an airplane as long as it is in solid form. Gel deodorant cannot be brought in carry on luggage, but any size/type of deodorant can be placed in checked baggage.

What is the front of an airplane called?

The front of an airplane is called nose of the airplane.

Is an airplane solid liquid or gas?

Well, it all depends on what you are considering. You may be talking about the shell/body of the aeroplane which is solid, the fuel for instance which may be considered as liquid/gas, or the gas (air) inside the aircraft as gas

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