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Astronauts have both inside and outside work.

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Q: Is an astronauts work inside or outside?
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Do astronauts have to wear ther suits at all time?

No. The spacesuits are only necessary when astronauts have to work outside of their spacecraft. Flight suits are worn during launch and reentry. During normal activity inside a spacecraft, astronauts wear fairly ordinary clothes, as the spacesuits are quite cumbersome.

Do marine biologists work outside or inside?

They can work both inside and outside.

What is the name of astronauts clothing?

a spacesuit outside the ship, regular clothes inside the ship.

Does a scientist work outside or inside?

Scientists usually work inside but sometimes the do work outside to conduct experiments.

Would you work outside or inside as a vet?

they would work outside and inside because they help the vet

Do doctors work inside or outside?

Most work inside

What does mean it mean to work from the inside out?

Well, it means you work inside then you work outside.

Does a preschool teacher work inside or outside?

Preschool teachers work inside except for when children are taken outside to play.

What apparatus was developed to enable astronauts and cosmonauts to work outside a spacecraft?

space suit

Do pediatricians usually work inside or outside?

Pediatricians usually work inside.

Will veterinarians work outside or inside?

Both - some veterinarians work in a clinic (inside) while other veterinarians have an ambulatory clinic and work on the farm (outside).

Do you work inside or outside when working as a pediatricain?


Do medical doctors work inside or outside?


Do athletic trainers work outside or inside or both?

Athletic trainers work both inside and outside. They work with collages , high schools,and sometimes with thlets that need help on their exsercising .

Do teachers work inside or outside?

they work both in and out side

Where do astronauts work?

Astronauts work in space

Do volcanologists work inside or outside?

Volcanologists work both inside and outside. They study rocks in laboratories and they often visit active volcanoes to take measurements and samples.

Do cops work outside or inside?


Do geologist work inside or outside?


What technology helps astronauts work outside of the space station?

Your mom's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

Where do astronauts work in space?

They walk in space to collect something from outside the craft, or to repair something if stuck or damaged.

How do astronauts survive in space outside there shuttle?

Astronauts ONLY survive inside their space suits. Basically the space suit acts like a small space craft by controlling the temperature, pressure, and supplying air for the person inside. Without it the astronaut would be dead within a few seconds.

Do firefighters work inside or outside?

They work both inside and outside, depending on the situation. In cases of building fires, they normally put the fire out using the hose outside, but firefighters go inside to search for any people left in the fire. In cases of wild fires, they obviously work outside to help control the fire before it spreads too much.

Do mechanical enginers work inside or outside?


Where does the fork and knife go next to the plate?

Fork on left and knife on right. If you have lots of courses you work from the inside to the outside. You would have a smaller fork for starter then work outside for the rest.