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It's a Fruit

Avocados contain a large seed, which classifies them as fruit.

There is no single definition of "fruit" and "berry" that is in universal use. But in botanical terms, Avocados are not just fruits; more specifically, they are berries. For a fruit to be classified a berry, it must develop from a single ovary. The avocado, banana, watermelon and tomato are some examples of fruits we usually don't call berries, but that actually are berries by this definition. Strawberries on the other hand, are fruits but not berries by the same definition.

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yes the avcocado is a fruit
its a fruit.
fruit. all fruits had seeds, except the tomato that qualifies as a veggie because it's from the night-crawler family
It is most likely a fruit, although it is used in many vegtable dishes.
It is a fruit
Since an avocado has a seed (pit) it is considered a fruit. Those foods without seeds are considered vegetables. Botanically it is a fruit, but sociologically it is often used the way vegetables are.
It is a Fruit.


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Q: Is an avocado a fruit or a vegetable?
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