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Contrary to another site out there, an endurance saddle came about when long distance trail riders "cut the horn off" of their western saddles. The AERC (American Endurance Riders Conference) was formed in 1972 but the modern day founding ride was the Western States Trail Ride, better known at "Tevis", which first began in 1954 on a dare. The dare was that modern horses were as good as horses from the 1800's. So the bet was on that the horses could ride 100 miles in one day. One rider one horse.

The evolution of the saddle has come about largely due to the time spent in the saddle. This has huge impact on the horse and the rider. The reason the horn was cut off was while out on wild and wooley trails, when you duck low branches, you would impale yourself on the horn. Since the horn is there to use on the ranch for roping, endurance riders had no need for that horn.

Because there is no regulation as to the type or style of saddle or other tack for that matter, anything goes. Even nothing. I have seen horse/riders compete bareback, with just a neck rope and everything in between.

Some riders come from a more diciplined background, so they often prefer an English style saddle. It was also much lighter than a traditional western saddle. Some didn't want to give up the security of the western saddle, so the endurance saddle came about by lightening the load. Then trying to perfect saddle fit for the horse. We are still trying to make it perfect.

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What kind of saddle is an endurance saddle?

An endurance saddle is used for endurance races

What saddle was designed for security and comfort no matter how harsh the condition?

All though the Western saddle is comfortable it is not the correct answer. An endurance saddle would be a better answer. They have many features that lend themselves to maintaining comfort in any condition. After all, they are called 'endurance' so you (and they) can endure more.

How much does a western saddle weigh?

Western saddles weigh a range of weights depending on the type of western saddle. A general range is 35 to 50 pounds.

What is the difference between saddle seat and western seat?

Saddle seat is a type of English riding that involves a high-stepping horse, and the rider has his/her legs farther out in front than in most English saddles. Western is a type of riding where the saddle has a horn, and is deeper and more secure than an English saddle. Western riders do not jump.

Which of these is a name for a part of a western saddle - Spoon Fork or Knife?

A roping saddle , which is a Western type of saddle , has a 'slick fork' which facilitates the dismount of the rider ~ see related link below .

How much does a saddle weigh?

depends on the type: english saddle- 10-25 lbs Western Saddle- anywhere from 25-75 lbs

What is a western saddle used for?

a western saddle is used for western style riding.

What is the best saddle for barrel racing on HorseIsle 2?

Any western type saddle, or one of the specialty tack sets.

What is a saddle horn?

a saddle horn is on a western/american saddle

What is the girth for a western saddle called?

It's called a cinch on a western saddle.

How do you keep from getting bucked off a horse?

For this tip, it depends on the type of saddle you have. If you have a western saddle, you can lean forward and hold on to the horn. If you have an English saddle, you can lean forward and hold on to the horses mane. (don't pull to hard):) For this tip, it depends on the type of saddle you have. If you have a western saddle, you can lean forward and hold on to the horn. If you have an English saddle, you can lean forward and hold on to the horses mane. (don't pull to hard):)

Can you ride your ex racehorse in western saddle?

You can. Go slow at first until he gets used to the feel of a different type of saddle. And remember that in a western saddle he won't be able to feel your leg as much as when he is tacked up english.

What things do you need to ride a horse?

English riding:A saddleA saddle blanketA bridleAnd some brushes for your horseWestern riding:Western saddleSaddle blanketWestern bridleBrushes for your horse

What kind of saddle is used for western horsemanship?

Typically a regular show saddle will be used. This type of saddle is typically seen on western pleasure horses, horsemanship horses, and arena trail horses. At lower levels you could probably use a plain, but well kept training saddle.

Can you ride a clydesdale in a western saddle?

Clydes are rather big horses. It's not the type of saddle that's important, but that it fits. If it does, go ahead.

What are the differences between an English and a Western horse saddle?

There are many differences between and English and Western horse saddle. One of the major differences is the tack. Also, a Western saddle has a horn, while an English saddle does not have this feature.

How do you compare western saddle seat sizes to English?

An English saddle is 2" more than a western saddle. For example: 14in western=16in English 16in western=18in English 18in western= 20in English

What is the additional part to a saddle that western riders have but English riders don't?

The main difference is that a Western saddle has a horn, while an English saddle does not.

Can you use a Western saddle pad for an English saddle?

your not sopose to. but yes if it is a thin smaller saddle pad you may. you can NOT! i repeat NOT! aloud to use a English pad for a western saddle as this pad may be too small for the saddle and with bridged the withers and back of the horse. be carefull on what you use on your horse! i reqamend to buy a western saddle pad if you are planing to ride western.

Can you use an English saddle pad with a western saddle?

no. English saddle pads are for English saddles.

Which type of riding saddle is the most poular?

Probably Western because a lot more people ride western then english. Don't ask me why...

Name you four parts of a western saddle?

There are over 20 parts to a western saddle. Which 4 do you want to know?

What saddle do you start a young horse with?

I would do a close contact saddle or for western, a tree less saddle

Can you use a western saddle on your pasa fino horse?

You can use a western saddle on any breed of horse or pony providing they have been trained in western riding.

What is a western saddle horn made of?

Saddle trees are made of wood or fiberglass.

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