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Is an iPod or MP3 player better?

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Depends on what you like if you like apple products or you just want a simple music player

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What is better and iPod or an mp3 player?

An iPod is an MP3 player. Is that true?

What is better an iPod or a MP3 player?

Tachnically, they are both the same thing. An ipod is an Mp3 player, only the ipod usually has better features.

Which is the better MP3 player?


Which is better 2 g Ipod or 4 g Coby mp3 player?

A mp3 player way better

What is better an iPod and a mp3 player?

An ipod is a very popular and high quality mp3 player. While mp3 players may be less expansive, you might not get the to notch quality of an ipod.

Is MP3 better than iPod?

They are the same things but I have an iPod Touch and an mp3 player but I use the iPod much more because you can have APPS on it :)

Is an Ipod better than a mp3 player?

An mp3 player is better by along shot. First of all, mp3 players are cheaper than ipods. Second, you have to pay one dollar a song on an ipod. A mp3 player's songs are all free.

Are MP3 players better than iPods or iPods are better than MP3 players?

iPods are better than MP3 players. i have both there both the same but i also have the 3g ipod touch it rocks btter than the ipod nano and especially the mp3 player. the ipod touch has internet and software, apps itunes and mp3 player doesn't have that

Is an iPod touch better than the 4GB video MP3 player?

Of course. The iPod touch has more features than the 4GB video MP3 player.

Which is better an iPod or mp3 player?

It depends on what type of mp3 it is. So it really doesn't matter.

Can the iPod touch beat the 4GB video MP3 player?

Yes. The iPod touch is better than the 4GB video MP3 player so yes the iPod touch could win.

Whats better an iPod or mp3?

ipod is better

Is the iPod Touch an MP4 player or an MP3 player?

The iPod touch is both an mp4 and an mp3 player.

Is a iPod a MP3 player?

No mp3 players are much better because an iPod you can only download iTunes onto it, (which most are sold at stores) a mp3 player you can download any song you want by going to

Is the Microsoft Mp3 player better than an Ipod?

The ipod itself is an mp3 player. Ipod is just a specific brand name produced by Apple. Most ipods have more features than a generic mp3 player:

Which is better: the iPod or the mp3 player?

I would say that an iPod is better because it is easy to download songs off of iTunes, and the versions of the iPod keep getting better and better. With the newest versions, you can even play games, take pictures, or look at the latest stocks, unlike the mp3 player.

What is better a iPod nano or a Philips mp3 player?

I prefer Philips after owning two ipod mp3 players. Apple's batteries do not last long enough.

What is the advantage of buying a Sony Ericsoon MP3 player over an iPod?

The main advantage is the cheaper price. You can get a Sony mp3 player for cheaper than a iPod. Also Sony Ericsson has phone with the mp3 player. There is a better color scheme too.

What is the iPod?

An iPod is a music Mp3 player

What came first mp3 or iPod?

The iPod is a brand of .mp3 player, so the .mp3 had to come first.

What is better an ipodtouch or a mp3 player?

Ipod touch is more better tan even a laptop or TV

Should you buy and iPod or an MP3 player?

ipods, even thought they sometimes cost more they and better and have more features than an MP3 player.

Are audio books best played on an Ipod MP3 player or MP4 player?

iPod and mp4 have the same quality. mp4s are better than mp3s. iPod and Mp4

Will mp3 speakers work for an iPod?

You are able to use mp3 player speakers with your IPOD. You need to make sure they are universal, which most are. Some people find that IPOD speakers do produce better sound quality with your IPOD.

Is iPod Apples top mp3 player?

iPod is Apple's only mp3 player. There are, however, many different models - from the iPod classic and the iPod shuffle to the iPod mini and the iPod touch.