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Q: Is andouille sausage and Italian sausage the same?
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What is andoui sausage?

Andouille sausage is a smoked cajun pork sausage, usually containing larger chunks of meat.

What sausage begins with the letter A?

Andouille is a sausage made primarily in Louisiana and used extensively in Cajun cooking. Andouille is a smoked, pork sausage which has its origins in French cuisine.

What is the difference between Andouille Sausage and kielbasa Sausage?

Andouille sausage is spicy and contains more paprika. Andouille is considered to be a Cajun type of sausage that is mostly used in jambalaya and gumbo. Kielbasa is a Polish sausage that can be made of beef or pork that contains a small amount of clove and paprika. It contains a heavy amount of garlic as well.

What are the main ingredients in an Andouille sausage?

The main ingredients in Andouille sausage is smoked pork sausage meat. This can be done in a Cajun style, using pork, garlic, pepper, onions, wine and seasoning.

Andouille sausage may sound fancy but it's made from the same ingredient as what soul food?


What is endue sausage?

Maybe a mis-spelling of "andouille?"

How do pronounce Andouille Sausage?

And-ooh-lee sos-ij

What is an andouille?

An andouille is a heavily smoked, spiced Cajun pork sausage, often made from the entire gastrointestinal system of the pig.

What is andouille de Baye?

It is a traditional recipe of andouille, a large smoked and boiled French sausage of pork intestine meat, close to the andouille de Vire, which with the andouille de Guémené are the two main types of andouille.The andouille de Baye comes in two varieties, the traditional one and one that replaces some of the intestine meat with bacon.Note that the French andouille is totally different from the Cajun andouille, which is a small non-smoked sausage that usually does not contain offal meat such as intestine. The French andouille is a gastronomic specialty very sought after and the traditional recipes are the most expensive types of sausages in France, together with the Morteau smoked sausage.

What are the release dates for Grill It with Bobby Flay - 2008 Andouille Sausage 2-2?

Grill It with Bobby Flay - 2008 Andouille Sausage 2-2 was released on: USA: 26 July 2009

Where to buy andouille sausage in Salt Lake City?

You can buy Cajun sausage from Colosimo's Standard Market in Magna....

What is 'andouille' when translated from French to English?

'une andouille' is a kind of sausage made out of parts of pork's stomach and cleaned bowels, no very popular these days but still sought after by the connoisseurs. Some traditional regional recipes such as the "andouille de Vire" or the "andouille de Guéméné" fetch upwards of $15-20 per pound. In Cajun cuisine, the "andouille" is a smoked pork meat sausage traditionally used in gumbos, jambalya, and red beans and rice recipes. It is more like a standard sausage than the offal-based French andouille. It is also a common expression (often half jokingly) about someone who failed to complete a simple or obvious task.