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The human race is to blame, though we didn't know what we were doing!

Respected climate scientists say that the world is warmer than it has been for at least eight thousand years and probably for at least a million years. Average global temperatures have been rising faster than at any known time in the past. Clearly there is a problem, but this does not mean we should blame anyone for the problem occurring. From the time of the Industrial Revolution until at least the 1970s, scientists had too little information to prove that global warming is real, and no one could really be blamed for causing global warming if they did not know that anthropogenic global warming was happening. Blame should only be attributed if, now that we have evidence of global warming, we fail to do anything about it. Fortunately, governments around the world, and concerned citizens, are now beginning to take action to minimise further long-term temperature rises.

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Q: Is anybody to blame for this situation of global warming?
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Is global warming no good?

Global warming is no good, correct. We have to stop it or our children and grandchildren will blame us for doing nothing.

What has been done to minimize global warming?

No one is to blame, yet if the Answer to the Above is Nothing, then The answer to "What has been done to Maximize Global Warming?" is Everything - nonStop!

How an international telephone call is sent and received?

i blame global warming

Is people the blame for global warming?

scientist think so and i do too

Why do some people blame the increasing number of hurricanes on global warming?

This is due to the fact that, as the ocean is warmed up slowly from global warming, the probabilty of hurricanes increase.

What is the greenhouse gas most scientists blame for global warming?

Carbon Dioxide

Is industry to blame for global warming?

Industry is partly to blame. The Industrial Revolution began this global warming when humans began burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). We humans are also to blame because we use oil to power our vehicles, and we use fossil fuel to generate electricity. And we can't get enough electricity!

Are humans not to blame for global warming?

There is no question that humans ARE to blame for global warming. Just about every peer-reviewed climate scientist in the world agrees that we have caused global warming through deforestation, burning fossil fuel and poor agricultural practices.

Why does shrimp no longer taste shrimpy?

Blame global warming, enviormental changes, production/packaging changes.

What caused global warming before humans were around to take the blame?

Global warming is natural. This is characterized by the increase of temperature on a certain planet. Basically, it is the sun which heats up this planet. The heat is screened through greenhouse gases whenever they get out.

What atmospheric gas whose rise most scientists blame for global warming?

I don't remember but it used to be in air conditioners, spray, refrigerator but i don't remember its name

How can global warming cause colder winters?

Global Warming may or may not cause colder winters. Global warming refers to a climate change whereas colder winters are yearly weather patterns. On average the Climate and the World is warming up. It is a fact that the average temperatures are hotter than twenty or even ten years ago. So, whether you blame it on humans or natural cycles, global warming is happening. However, the colder winters we have had the past few years are possibly imperfections in global warming and may end soon. Also, some places are affected differently at different times. For example, the East had record snowfall this past winter, but other places had record heat this past winter. So yearly weather patterns can sometimes cause colder winters.

Is the earth running out of trees?

it depends on what type of trees. oaks and maples are very common in theUSA. but there are certain types of trees that are becoming extinct for example the red oak tree is now almost extinct. if your wondering if global warming had anything to do with it the answer is not really. you see people blame only global warming for cutting down trees, but there are a lot of other types of wood company's cutting down and selling trees. and global warming is planting trees too. and just to answer your question, no the earth is not running out of trees.

Do fires have something to do with global warming?

Fires have something to do with global warming because they emit carbon dioxide and water vapor. The two strongest and most common green house gases. Any fire, regardless of the fuel, is the blame for man's contribution. This fire could be inside of your engine or in a campfire, but the result is the same. You are adding to man's contribution of CO2.

What is a blame game?

A blame game is a situation in which people attempt to blame others rather than attempting to solve a problem.

Do nuclear power plants have a threat to global warming?

Everything that produces carbon dioxide is potentially to blame. It takes huge quantities of fuel to mine and process uranium even though the nuclear energy, itself does not contribute CO2 directly.

What are the attitudes of religious people to global warming?

There are many different opinions from various religions arguing for and against global warming.From the christian point of view, they believe that god appointed mankind as stewards of the earth, and therefore we are obligated to protect the environment.On the contrary, Dominians will say that they are put on the earth, to rule over, they will argue that they can do what they like with the environment as it is their earth.Many religions will blame humans for global warming, as it us causing the problem however others will argue back saying it is to do with the natural earth and the environment.Global warming is something that could possibly end earth. Christianity will take this to an extent, and try to stop it however other relgions believe it is the natural earth.

Why is there a fear of climate change for the ocean?

The fear is because of the increase of temperature, meaning the glaciers down South and up North will melt. It will create more water for the ocean which could gradually come onto beaches and in the cities. Blame global warming...

What is to blame for increased global warming?

Actually, humans and the universe is to blame.It's us but more specifically motor vehicles, factories, fossil fuel energy, chemicals, and plastics that cannot be recycled.A:Global warming happens when the balance between greenhouse gas emission and greenhouse gas consumption tips in favor of emission. In the case of anthropogenic global warming (global warming that we humans are causing), we cause a one-two punch: First, we emit a lot of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, through combustion of fossil fuels like coal and oil in our powerplants, factories and cars. Second, we reduce the earth's ability to consume carbon dioxide when we destroy forests (which we continue to do). The earth's ecosystem can naturally consume only a portion of greenhouse gases, mainly through photosynthesis in which plants take carbon dioxide molecules out of the atmosphere, use the carbon and release free oxygen (which is not a greenhouse gas, and one we need to survive).

What impact have humans had on global warming?

Humans produce vast amounts of CO2 and methane into the atmosphere, due to vehicles, factories, burning wood, aerosols etc. Some people blame cattle for some greenhouse gases, but the only reason there is so much cattle is because of over-farming, because of fast food. Without humans, nowhere near as much would be produced, and so global warming wouldn't be anywhere near as much of a problem.A:By using carbon based energy sources to produce our everyday needs we increase the amount of global warming.

Why are wetlands threatened?

because our selfish behavoir keeps wanting more and more room to fit our comforts. I'm sure global warming has something to do with it too. we caused that also... we only have ourselves to blame.

Who does Charlie Gordon blame for his loss of intellginece?

he really doesnt blame anybody... when he becomes a genuis he understandes there was a mistake and he tries to find it so he can stay smart.

How is technology causing global warming?

You mean what technology causes global warming... right? Well, if you believe in such a thing, and have good reason to believe in global warming, then here are some of the things that cause it. They say that carbon emissions increased dramatically at the start of the industrial revolution. This included: factories coal burning oil burning top soil erosion from deforestation Later we blame cars, trains, ect. (anything that gives off CO2 as a byproduct from combustion) then we blame anything that uses CFC's (chlorofluorocarbons) as a propellant for any substance or a substance that contains these... these include: hairspray white-out inhalers (for asthma or bronchitis) air conditioners or refrigerators

What is the evidence that global warming is either not occurring or is not being caused by humans?

It is just about impossible to conclude global warming is not occurring, given that we have been measuring steady increases in global average temperatures. If you start with one specific data set for 1998 and ignore all other measures, you can sort of tweak out a temperature decline. In general, most data sets clearly depict increasing temperature. There is evidence other factors might play some role in global warming. Other factors have unquestionably played a significant role in ages past, when human populations were too small and technologically incapable of significantly influencing climate. Given the current rate of change and the nature of present human activity, it has not proven possible to blame any one factor or combination of factors for most of the recent measured temperature change.

When can stop learning?

stop learning anytime, but don't blame anybody else if you don't get a decent job.